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Exhibitions of Sculptures



Exhibitions of Sculptures

By Bruce F. MacDonald, PhD

[Unfortunately, the severe case of viral encephalitis I suffered in 1991 put a stop to my sculpting career, at least for now.  After the illness I could no longer “see” the sculptures in my mind before creating them in three dimensions out of wood or steel.  I sometimes think I lost access to this kind of inner awareness so that I could become more fully aware of other, spiritual realities and processes which I could then manifest in words, ideas, stories, arguments and guides to meditation and inner development instead of visual, tactile forms.  Now that The Thomas Book and The Prayer of Silence are complete, I am beginning to get a sense of how I might be able to create more sculptures – but that is still in the planning stages in 2010.]


One Person Shows:

-- Touch of Craft Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, 24 Feb. - 8 Mar., 1983
-- Luther College, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov. 1978
-- Acadia University Student Union Gallery, Nova Scotia, Jul. - Aug., 1972

Two person shows:

-- Joe Moran Gallery, Wascana Centre, Regina, Sask. Sept. 9 - Oct. 25, 1984.
-- Assiniboia Gallery Ltd., Regina, Sask.  Feb. 6 - 20, 1982.
-- Rosemont Gallery, Regina, Sask.  Sept. 5 - 29, 1979.

Group Shows:

     -- One of 90 artists with works in “Treasured Moments,” a group showing at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan, in memory of James Kurtz of the Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, October 19 - 25, 1997. [Brief biography and picture of “Lovers III”, a sculpture in Bermuda cedar, included in a book, Treasured Moments, ed. John Kurtz, Centax Books, Regina, Sask. 1997, pp. 38-39, 128.]
-- Tenth Anniversary show of gallery artists, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Sask., June, 1987.
-- Tenth Anniversary Show, Rosemont Gallery, Regina, Sask. Sept. 1984. 
-- “Emerging Saskatchewan Artists,” Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Sask., March 5 - 19, 1983.
-- Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Sask.  Jan. 3 - Feb 10, 1983.
-- Gallery One, Saskatoon, Sask., Summer 1982.   
-- Fifth Anniversary Show of Gallery Artists,  Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Sask., May 29 - June 10, 1982.  
-- Saskatchewan Government Insurance 3rd Annual Juried Show, Centennial Auditorium, Saskatoon, Sask., May 25 - 29, 1980.
-- Annual CKCK Radio Juried Show at the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Sask., Nov. 10 - 18, 1979.

Awards and grants:

     1981, Saskatchewan Arts Board Individual Assistance Program Grant.

Sculptures in Corporate Collections:

     -- John Kurtz, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Sask.  “Lovers I,” sculpture in maple,                24" x 18" x 18"
-- Luther College, University of Regina, Sask.
– “Burning Bush: Fire of the Spirit,” steel, zinc and copper, about 40" high.            Commissioned for the 500th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther
– “Spring,” bas relief, walnut, 10' x 4'                
– “Silent Music,” steel and brass, 40" high.  Commissioned for the 300th                anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach
-- Sask Tel, Saskatoon, Sask.  “Wind and Fire in a Landscape,” bas relief, maple,   36" x 28".
-- Saskatchewan Workers” Compensation Board, Regina, Sask.  “Prairie Gold,”     hanging sculpture in plexiglass and wood, about 20' x 15'.

Other Commissioned Works:
-- Saskatchewan Provincial Library, Regina, Sask.  “Beginnings,” sculpture in        Bermuda Cedar, 12" tall, 1986.
-- Commission on Health and Healing, Missourie Synod, Lutheran Church of         America, U.S.A.  “Toward Wholeness,” sculpture in Bermuda Cedar, 30" high,               1983.

Interviews about sculpting:

     Feb. 1982,  CKCK TV Johnnie Sandison Show, Regina, Sask.
Jan. 1982,   CBC TV “It’s All Here,” Regina, Sask.
Nov.  1979, CBC TV, “24 Hours,” Regina, Sask.

Teaching Sculpting:

     Beginning Wood Sculpting, for the City of Regina Parks and Recreation Dept.,                February and March, 1980.