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Reader Comments on
The Prayer of Silence

“In my research I have read many guides to meditation. The Prayer of Silence is the best I have read -- and it actually works,” writes Andre Vinogradov.

“Your book has saved me a lot of money.  I used to have to get myself drunk before getting on an airplane.  Now I have overcome my fear of flying, thanks to your book, and I now save the cost of all those drinks every time I fly. I carry The Prayer of Silence with me and feel very calm and confident.”  (Grandmother. Wishes to remain anonymous.)

“After my husband died I felt very lonely and very mixed up about life.  The Prayer of Silence has helped me gain inner peace because I now know God’s Love is always with me.  When I feel lonely, I just have to enter the Silence the way you describe and I know I am never alone.”  (Widow.  Wishes to remain anonymous.)