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Background to my contact with 
A Course in Miracles

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            In the 1980s, two people who would later become friends of mine, opened a “spiritual bookstore” in the city where I live.  Their aim was to make the growing number of spiritual, psychic, New Age, religious. ecological and alternative books available in the community.  When A Course in Miracles became available, they told me about it and wondered if I would like to buy a copy, since I had bought many other books from them.

            My reaction was strange even to me.  I went to the store to see the three blue volumes and immediately had a strong reaction against the books.  I had written the Gospel portion of The Thomas Book already and they stocked copies of the privately published, limited edition of According to Thomas, the book which preceded The Thomas Book.  I was very interested in the phenomenon of channelling, since I had channelled my own Gospel.  I had read most of the Seth books, channelled by Jane Roberts.  I had read about Carl Jung’s experience with channelling Seven Sermons to the Dead and was interested in anything to do with this phenomenon. 

            With all that interest it would make sense for me to want to read these books, said to have been dictated to Dr. Helen Schucman, a Jewish psychiatrist, by Jesus Christ.  But for some reason I had the sense that there was something wrong with the books.  I did not know what the problem was, but I decided not to buy them, and felt very conflicted about the decision. 

            It was more than a year later that I bought the books and began reading them.  I found they had some very elevated sentiments, but still that sense of resistance continued.  I tried doing the daily exercises and was able to do them for a few weeks, regularly copying out the main affirmations on a 3 x 5 card and carrying them around in my shirt pocket to be referred to during the day.  But finally, I realized that there was something in the ideas in the books that repelled me, even though I read through all three books more than once, and came back to them on a number of occasions to check ideas.

            They were a puzzle to me, and my reaction was a puzzle. 

            I found I could not agree with many of the ideas in the books, but there was a deeper sense of opposition I did not understand.

            It was not until I started looking for a publisher for The Thomas Book in 2007 and read the books written by Gary Renard, a teacher of ACIM, that things began to come into focus for me.  I discovered a fraud that Renard was perpetrating, and that is in the article on this website about “Gary Renard’s Stolen Gospel.”  But I also realized that there was something deeper about my conflict with ACIM.

            I spent much time meditating on this conflict, and asked my inner Guides for a solution for the long standing problem.  It was then that I was pointed to the connection between the first century magician, Simon Magus, and ACIM.  The philosophies of both were almost identical.  And then I was told that Gary Renard was a reincarnation of Simon Magus.  I was suspicious of this identity at first, because it was all too easy to say Renard was Simon, reborn, and thus dismiss him.  It was not until I began to do more research on Simon Magus that I discovered the amazing parallels between the lives of both these men, as well as the philosophy which they both taught and which ACIM also taught. 

            Some people have argued that Renard could not be a reincarnation of Simon, and that Renard, as Simon, could not have dictated ACIM because ACIM was dictated while Renard was already alive.  They assume that Simon somehow “died out of the spiritual realms” when Renard was born.  This is based on a misunderstanding of how reincarnation works.  Simon was the incarnation of a particular spiritual entity, and Simon still lives in the spiritual realms, even though the spiritual entity that was in Simon is now also manifest in Renard.  We continue to live in spirit even when our bodies die, and all of the incarnations we, or our Spirit, has experienced in the past are also alive in spirit.  At some point in our spiritual development we will be able to bring all “our” incarnations into a unity and realize the greater spiritual reality of which we are an expression.

            The articles in the Course in Miracles section of the website make it obvious that there are many similarities between ACIM, the teachings of Gary Renard and those of Simon Magus.  There are also intimations of how the philosophy of Simon Magus entered into the Roman church and formed the basis of a number of important doctrines of many Christian churches. 

            I finally discovered why, in the 1980s, before I had any connection with ACIM, I resisted buying the books, because deep down I recognized its source.  It took many years before I was able to clarify why I resisted.  And it was in the context of The Thomas Book that all of these things finally became clear.

            Perhaps I also owe part of the title of The Prayer of Silence: a Complete Course in Spiritual Transformation to A Course in Miracles.    They both promise to be courses.  By practicing the Prayer of Silence you might experience some miracles, but people can definitely expect to find spiritual transformation, achieved through their own inner work in relation to the Divine Presence within and around them.  ACIM says that God is distant from the Seeker and that the world is an illusion created by the ego to hide itself from God.  Renard even says that God is not aware of us, because God cannot be aware of illusion – and he says that we are nothing but illusion.  

            The Prayer of Silence says, with Jesus, that “the Kingdom of God is within you.”  It is in yourself that you will find God, and God is very aware of our problems because we are actually an aspect of the Divine Consciousness.  The article on this website, about the words of Yeshua and Abba in relation to ACIM, will clarify much of the difference in emphasis.  ACIM was definitely not dictated by Jesus.  It is a manifestation of the philosophy of Simon Magus.  It is not much wonder I resisted buying the volumes when they first came out.  They would have taken me far down the wrong path, as a number of people, replying to my articles here, have said they have for them.

            Practicing the Prayer of Silence will make you intimately aware of the Presence of God with you, and the transforming power of this awareness.  The Prayer of Silence will bring you to an experience of your oneness with God, even without the Disappearance of the Universe, which Renard – and ACIM – says is the necessary prelude to the discovery of our oneness with God.