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January 19, 2012: I have finally been able to post the photos of the sail boat. I built it as a project to regain my memory and brain function after the severe case of viral encephalitis I had in 1991. You can see them by going to the "Boat and Rehabilitation" section of the website and clicking on the "Photos" link.

You can also find pictures of some of my sculptures in the "Sculptures" section. Unfortunately, after the encephalitis, I lost the ability to "see" sculptures in my mind and that has not come back, even with the complex exercise of building the boat. However, I have been able to "see" a lot of ideas and spiritual messages instead of sculptures, so it has been a fair trade. I have also had a number of profound experiences which have taken me beyond the "seeing" of sculptures into an area of awareness which is closer to "Source" consciousness. Some of those experiences are reflected on this website in a number of the articles, and most importantly, in the books themselves, because they were both the products of profound spiritual experiences.

I now know what it is to be able to "talk with God as a man talks to his friend" as Moses did. This does not somehow make me special -- I have met a number of people who have had similar experiences of being able to commune with God. I am teaching that to a meditation group right now, and anyone can learn by going through the ideas and exercises in "The Prayer of Silence." It is time for many people to be aware of this possibility -- what Jeremiah envisioned centuries ago. If we could all enter into the Love of God in this way, we would not need to fight about religion. We could all share the vital experience of the Love which is at the centre of the universe.

Last fall I started a meditation group at Wesley United Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It went very well, with about 25 people attending each evening for about eight weeks. We are starting up again this coming Sunday, January 22, 2012 for five weeks. Anyone who wants to come, you are welcome. There is no charge. Email me at the email address above if you want more information. We are using "The Prayer of Silence" as a guide for the group.

I have wanted to teach meditation at a church, not just a community hall, since what I have to share arises directly from Jesus' message and is meant for the church. In the same way that Jesus taught in the Temple and the synagogue, so too I feel called to teach in the church. It took a while, but I was finally asked to lead the group. That has been quite a step, when you think about it. For a congregation to actually ask someone who has openly presented himself as the reincarnation of the twin brother of Jesus and who has published two books based on that identity, requires that the members of the church actually trust me, and I value that trust very highly. Members of the community and of the clergy must have had to overcome a lot of doubts about my motives and my sanity -- to be quite frank. But I have been very active in the church community and the members and clergy have now seen that I am quite sane and have something of value to offer.

But that brings up the other important question -- is it actually possible that Jesus had a twin brother and that he is now reincarnated? What does that possibility say about the other implications -- that Jesus had something new to say to a hurting world, and that "The Thomas Book" and "The Prayer of Silence" are important documents for the development of spiritual consciousness in the 21st century.

So the Near Death Experience of 1966, in which I talked with Jesus, Elijah and Moses, has finally found fruition in the present through the books and the meditation group. I wait patiently to see what else will unfold. I am told through my inner guidance that I should just wait and watch with patience. These things take time. But as more people become aware of the books and realize how moving and how life-changing they are, the work expands. But because I tend to want to do things more quickly, it has been hard to stand back and let things develop as they will.

It has been a delight, though, to hear from people who have read the website or the books and have been deeply moved by them. Some people have been delivered from what they describe as the "forces of evil" by reading the books. Some have found direction in life, when they had lost all sense of purpose. Then they have told other people about the books, and their influence spreads, slowly but surely.

Some people have had synchronistic experiences related to the books. "The Thomas Book" actually fell off a shelf in front of two people, forcing them to pay attention. Some people have been so excited they got additional copies and gave to their friends. And I have given a lot of copies to people who cannot afford them, and they have found them an avenue to greater understanding and self-knowledge and a way to move out of the negative attitudes which brought them to poverty, so that they could contribute more positively to life.

I wait patiently now to see what happens next, because it has all been good and surprising and sometimes wonderful. Let me know your experience.


April 23, 2011, This is an exciting day for this new version of the website. I hope you find this version easier to move around than the old one. The material is arranged in a more intuitive way on the menu bar to the left. There are additional essays and also -- most important of all --  The Prayer of Silence: A Complete Course in Spiritual Transformation has been published and is available. Both The Thomas Book and The Prayer of Silence can be ordered from this site. See the last item on the menu to the left or click here Order books here.

I hope to add comments to this blog once in a while, but until I do, there are lots of essays on this website for you to read. Please feel free to email me with your comments. I hope to have a discussion group going sometime soon so you can talk to each other.