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Jesus, God and A Course in Miracles



Jesus, God and A Course in Miracles

©Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD

            It is quite obvious to most people, now that they have read of the extent of the plagiarism in "Pursah's Gospel of Thomas," that Gary Renard has been deceiving them.  If you have read elsewhere on this website, you will also be aware of my opposition to a number of things in ACIM.  Renard claims in his “defense” that I have not been honest or clear about that.  On the contrary, I have been very clear and honest in telling people in almost every article on this website, that my Guides teach that ACIM is not a reliable spiritual guide.

            However, it still seems some people do not realize that someone could seriously take that position in regard to ACIM, since I have had a number of emails asking for clarification. I say things like, "my Guides teach against ACIM" and it is obvious that I have to be even clearer about what I mean by that. The problem is that the original article about Renard's plagiarism was part of a chapter in my recent book, The Thomas Book: Near Death, a Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of Jesus.  In taking the plagiarism article out of that context, the explanation for it disappeared and I have had to provide the background which is thus missing, although part of it is still in the “Sample Chapter Readings” on the website.

            Robert Perry, as a faithful teacher of ACIM, has been concerned about my criticism of ACIM and thinks that either I have misunderstood my Guides or that my Guides are themselves mistaken.  He recently wrote me an email to that effect:

I think we have more in common in terms of spiritual beliefs than may be apparent. True, there are significant differences. But some of your issues with ACIM come from misunderstandings about what it teaches. For instance, it radically redefines forgiveness, so that in its system we let go of resentment through realizing that the offense didn’t really occur, we weren’t really hurt, the other person is not really a sinner and is not really “other,” but shares the same Self. Forgiveness, used in this sense, is an undoing of our belief in separation and duality, an undoing that needs to occur so that we can remove the blocks to love and reawaken to oneness. It is not the end, but a means to that end.

            Even though ACIM is a channeled work there seems to be some misunderstanding about channeling.  It is very important to make sure that everything is in the open and I have tried to be as honest in all of this as I can, even admitting my mistakes if I have made them.  I have “channeled” a gospel which many people find life changing.  However, I know that when someone "channels" material from discarnate sources, the material can be distorted by the person doing the channeling. Thus, I could be getting certain material from my Guides, and then could be distorting that material because of some unresolved issues which would not allow me to express clearly what I heard.  Also, we who draw on the instruction of "Spiritual Guides" have to take on faith that they are who they claim to be and that they are telling us the truth.  In the same way, of course, Helen Schucman had questions about who was dictating through her and she could also have distorted material which came from her Guides.  As Robert says, "It happens."  I therefore wrote an email to him, part of which follows here:

            These are certainly valid questions you ask and I will be as demanding in asking for explanations as I have with other issues.  Perhaps my Guides will mess up this time around or perhaps I am misreading what they have said, so we will ask for clarification.  I have certainly stepped into a hornet's nest and I hope my Guides have some insect repellent in the form of explanations.  I have grown used to trusting them so did not really ask for detailed clarification, merely repeating the concerns I picked up from them [although “Simon Magus and the Trinity” on this website is quite detailed.] 
I have asked my Guides if they would comment on your questions and they said yes, so I will write their reply and send it to you.  I sense it may be fairly long so will take a while to write.  [These emails were sent on May 4, 2010.  I finished the article on May 14, 2010, since I could only devote an hour a day to it.]

            I have not planned where this will go.  I have made a commitment to Robert (and to others, since he is obviously in contact with others who will read this) before getting the following material from my Guides and I will write what my Guides give me to write, even if it turns out to be unsatisfactory.

            Up to now I have merely used the generic "My Guides."  In order to clarify who these Guides are I must give some background about how I met them and what they have been able to tell me so far in my life.  I apologize if I repeat here some of what is described elsewhere on the website, but this background is essential for understanding who my Guides are and many people have obviously not read the other articles which explain this material so I must include it here.

            As I say elsewhere on the website, in 1966 I had a Near Death Experience after a fall down a 37 foot piling shaft.  I landed feet first and crushed one of my vertebrae to half size, badly fractured two others and tore all my inner organs out of place. After a few days in hospital, I died.  I went through the whole process of dying (described in detail in The Thomas Book) and then, in the state between life and death, I met with Yeshua (Jesus), Elijah and Moses, as unlikely as that may sound.  [No more unlikely than meeting two Ascended Masters from the future in someone’s living room, even though Renard thinks my claims are “over the top.”]  We had a long talk about a project in which we were all involved and in which I, as the Bruce who had just died, was supposed to have taken part.  Now it looked like I would be unable to carry out my part of the project.  I was given a choice:  I could stay "on the other side" and go through the immensely attractive tunnel of light to the Love I sensed was there waiting to welcome me home, or I could go back to my body.  
Yeshua warned me, "You don't have to go back.  We can do this in another way.  You don't have to go back to your body." Three times he warned me, almost severely, that the old machine was very badly smashed up and it would be very difficult to get it going again.  I didn't have to go back.  But I decided to return. 

            It took seven months in hospital, including four months of being immobilized so that the bone splinters would not damage the spinal cord more than they had, just be get well enough to leave, walking with two crutches and braces on leg and back.  [All of this background is discussed in detail in the book because it led to some important discoveries about human consciousness -- which were then written into another book on a particular kind of meditation called The Prayer of Silence.]

            I had been planning to become a minister in the United Church of Canada but now knew that I could not. I had brought some mysteries back from death.  One of those mysteries was the strange conviction that something was very wrong with the Gospel stories in the Bible, and part of the reason I came back was to find what was wrong and to correct the errors of those stories. 

            As soon as I was well enough to take classes at university, I jumped at the chance.  I knew I had to learn as much as I could. I worked in a frenzy.  Ten years, almost to the month, after the accident, I was back in the city where the accident took place but, in the interim, I had completed a BA and an MA in Literature in Canada and a PhD from the University of Leeds in England in the literature, written in English, of Africa, India, Australia, the West Indies and Canada with a dissertation on "The Colonial Experience in Nigerian and Trinidadian Fiction." I was searching the world in order to find answers to the questions which were posed in the NDE.   Five of those ten years I had also been a professor at the University of New Brunswick and Acadia University in Canada and at the University of Leeds in England. 

            You might think that Yeshua, Elijah and Moses were my Guides, but that was not the case.  After I came back to life, I lost touch with all three of them for a while and it was not until about 1980, after I had begun a concentrated life of meditation and spiritual search that I was able to be in touch with Yeshua again.  I managed to achieve the same level of spiritual consciousness through meditation which I had achieved in the NDE. 

This was a very important discovery, actually, because I realized that death was not an end or some terrible event, as it is claimed in most religious traditions (including ACIM), but merely a shift in consciousness which could be achieved in meditation as well as at the time of the dissolution of the body in what we call death.

            At this point, Yeshua became my Guide.  He gave me many teachings which ultimately became part of the new Gospel which is in Part Two of The Thomas Book, featured on this website. 

            After I had a collection of Yeshua's sayings, another voice began to speak in my time in the Silence.  It turned out this was Judas Thomas, known in the early church as the twin brother of Jesus.  I saw things through his eyes and felt his emotions as I recorded the events surrounding the final years of Yeshua’s ministry.  It was through his senses that I wrote the rest of the Gospel.  I was told at the time, in the early 1980's, that I was the reincarnation of this Judas Thomas but I refused to pay any attention to that claim.  It didn't seem important until 2007 when I had a reading with Kevin Ryerson, one of the most influential trance mediums in the United States, who confirmed that I was indeed the reincarnation of the twin brother of Jesus and also discovered that Renard had stolen that name.

            This is the claim that Renard laughs at in the website referenced at the end of these articles, but it is very real and very serious for humanity because it is, indeed, true and signals that Jesus is very active in the affairs of the present.  The presence of Jesus and Judas Thomas has led to the production of a profound new version of the story of Jesus.  Some people have asked why I continue to insist on this identity as Judas Thomas when Renard has claimed the same thing.  Renard says it is “silly.”  On the contrary, it is very serious because Renard has stolen not just a gospel from Judas Thomas and from Patterson/Meyer: he has stolen Thomas’ name and it is essential for the Work which I talked to Yeshua about during the 1966 NDE, to reclaim the name, even though that means proving that Renard has lied about that identity as well (which proof is in The Thomas Book.)

            Judas Thomas became another Guide for a while and I have kept in contact with him and Yeshua on a constant basis since the early 1980s.  It was from them that I received all the writings in the new gospel, The Thomas Book during those years.  But as my spiritual growth progressed, Yeshua said that I needed to go to the One who had been his Guide and he then introduced me to the One he called  Abba, Father.

            Of course, we cannot know God in God's entirety, but we can know God through our inner consciousness, and this is who Jesus introduced me to.  Jesus knew God and talked to Him intimately as Abba, the Aramaic word for Dad. This is the same as the Still Small Voice with which Elijah communicated and the voice which Moses heard in the burning bush and to whom he talked later "as a man talks to his friend." It is possible to know God in this way and I teach how to achieve this level of intimacy in another book, to be released later this year, called The Prayer of Silence

            My three Guides are, then, Abba, Jesus (Yeshua) and Thomas.  They are the three who have agreed to answer the questions about ACIM.  (However, after Yeshua and Abba had given me their answers, Thomas felt his contribution would be redundant so decided to withdraw from the response.) 

            At this point I will turn this over to them and record what they tell me.  You will have to judge for yourselves how authentic their account is. Their guidance has already produced a Gospel which many people have found to be extremely profound.  It was their guidance which led to the discovery of Renard's plagiarism and other false claims he has made which are explained in detail in The Thomas Book.  I have based my whole life of what they have taught me and it has led to tremendous healing, not only from a broken back and a serious case of viral encephalitis (in 1991) but from the kinds of emotional, intellectual and spiritual ills which plague all of humanity and from which I was not immune.  Many other people have found the same kinds of healing through their words.  [The Thomas Book was published privately in 1985 as According to Thomas, by the way, so has been around for twenty-five years.  It is not a new work, as Renard implies, and the claims it makes are not new claims.]

            Just a note on how they convey their ideas to me:  I am in constant touch with them through the same Still, Small Voice with whom Elijah spoke, and I enquire about anything in my life which needs guidance.  In this case I made the specific request that they explain why they teach what they do about ACIM.  They "impress" the large pattern of what their answer will be on my mind. Then, in this case at least, they led me through an exploration of the blue copy of ACIM, guiding me to the appropriate pages where material is to be found which concerns them and from which I can quote, and then they give me the words which express their reaction to the quotes.  We then go through the material on the computer to make sure I have gotten things right, making revisions where things are not clear.  Since this is a very important document, I have also been guided in dreams to correct anything which has not come through clearly in a conscious state and I have woken a couple of times with insights which came in that way.  The process has been fairly thorough but I suppose it is still possible for some errors to creep in.  As with all the things they teach me, I have to go through a lot of inner change as I assimilate their teachings – which are never just words.  That part of the message I cannot communicate, obviously, but this process has led to some profound inner spiritual growth.

Yeshua said it would be best for him to start.  Abba then gives His comments.  I put their words in indented italics.


            I am Yeshua, the one you know as Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ or Anointed of God.  I have been Bruce MacDonald's primary spiritual Guide since he was a child inIndia.  In 1966 we met and talked in a Near Death Experience and in about 1980 Bruce achieved a level of spiritual consciousness in meditation which brought him to the same level he had been in during the NDE.  Since then we have been able to converse freely, as a man talks to his friend.

            In the early 1980's I dictated sayings to him for a work which was privately published as According to Thomas in 1985 and more recently published as The Thomas Book.  It is a gospel, seen through the eyes of my twin brother, Judas Thomas.  Bruce is a reincarnation of this same Judas Thomas.

            It is important for me to state all of this at the outset in answering Robert Perry's question of why I am teaching people to abandon ACIM, since it is not a reliable source of spiritual teaching and since it is leading many devout people into unnecessary difficulty from which they will have to recover before they can progress much farther.

            You may not believe that I am speaking here through the pen of Bruce MacDonald, but if you read The Thomas Book, you will know without a doubt that I am speaking there because you will find me speaking directly to your heart and mind.  You will find your spirit opened to a new perception of the love of God because that book has been designed to meet the needs of many future generations of people seeking to find the Presence of God within themselves.

            You do not have to wait until the end of the universe to find God's Presence and when you do discover that Presence you will not suddenly disappear, as ACIM claims.The Manual for Teachers states, "If God were reached directly in sustained awareness, the body would not be long maintained" (p. 61).  This is false, and I have returned to speak through Bruce MacDonald at this time in order to teach people how to know God, how to talk to God in sustained awareness and how to feel the love of God as I know God, as Abba, Father. You can know God and remain in this world at the same time, contributing to the spiritual growth of humanity.

            If you do accept that I am speaking to you here, now, then you will realize this is an important event, indeed.  But you may think you have already heard me speaking to you in ACIM, because many of you believe I was the one who wrote that work. 

            I must speak unequivocally here – the writer of ACIM was not me but someone who disguised their words as if they were coming from me.  But their disguise is also confused.  There is no conclusive sense of who is teaching and who is speaking in ACIM so, you who follow the books in your spiritual path, you do not know whose words you are following.  That is a very important point because it is always extremely important to know who your spiritual teacher is since their teachings are affecting the most important aspects of your life. 

            If you examine the books carefully, as many of you have, you will find they claim sometimes to come from me (Jesus), but sometimes they claim to come from another voice entirely and sometimes the speaker's identity is unclear because of the uncertainty of who the author really is.

            The claim is made in the Manual for Teachers that "This course has come from him (Jesus) because his words have reached you in a language you can love and understand" (p. 56).  This is the central claim of the text and of many who read the text of ACIM.  Helen Schucman, through whom the text was written, also believed that it was Jesus who dictated the teachings.  This passage claims that the content of the Course comes from Jesus.

            In The Text it is likewise recorded, "I myself said, 'If I go I will send you another Comforter and He will abide with you.'" (p. 67).  This passage is presented as if coming directly from the Jesus who was a man. 

            But we are told also, "So he (Jesus) became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God.  The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do. . . And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their own illusions" (Manual, p. 83). 

            Here Jesus is no longer a separate self who can talk to us or who can teach or write.  He is presented as the illusory physical form used by "Christ" to speak to humanity.

            The separate man was an illusion, we are told, and he is now "one with God" and so no longer a separate ego through whom teachings can be given. 
 It would be impossible for him to be the one who is the teacher in ACIM if this were true because, if he were required to teach again, he would have to return to being an "illusion" in order to do that, yet we are told that he has gone beyond the world of illusions and the language of illusions to be one with God.

            We also know that he is not the one teaching in ACIM because, in the Manual for Teachers, the narrator says, "Jesus has led the way.  Why would you not be grateful to him?  He has asked for love, but only that he might give it to you. . . " (p. 55).   In this passage, as in many, Jesus is described by the narrator in the third person – he is not the speaker.  Yet who is the speaker here?

            Jesus is called "the Christ" in ACIM as in the Bible. There is confusion in ACIM about who or what "Christ" is and who or what Jesus is. Is he a man through whom teachings can come? Was he the physical illusion taken by the Christ to teach in his day?  Has he now returned as an illusion in order to teach again in ACIM – we are told this is not the case?  Or is he something else?

            In Manual for Teachers Jesus is called "Jesus Christ," the "risen Son of God," and "his name [has] become the Name of God, for he no longer sees himself as separate from Him" (p. 55).   

            Jesus is further described as having achieved "complete identification with the Christ – the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and one with Him – Jesus became what all of you must be" (83).  But what is he in this passage?  He seems to have become the Christ, the Son of God, God Himself, yet he is sufficiently separate to have been able to achieve complete identification with the Christ who is God's one creation and His happiness. Yet in order to teach, we were also told, he had to take on the illusory body of Jesus which he has now given up. We are told in ACIM that God cannot teach directly but needs the illusory body to do that.  Neither the perfected Son of God nor the Holy Spirit nor God can teach directly.  They need an illusory body in order to teach, but that body, which Jesus has now given up, is no longer available.  Who does the teaching in ACIM, then?

            In Workbook for Students, the narrator identifies Jesus as a separate person, capable of giving the teachings in ACIM, but also identifies this separate person as "the Christ" who elsewhere is "the perfect Son of God," "a man no longer."   Yet, in spite of being describes as "a man no longer" he is described as if he were a man when the narrator seems to forget that "the Christ" is actually another name for God's "one creation and His happiness," and describes him as someone who can touch us on the shoulder -- "You cower fearfully lest you should feel Christ's touch upon your shoulder, and perceive His gentle hand directing you to look upon your gifts" (p. 309).  This passage seems to revert to the customary Christian teaching that "the Christ" is another name for Jesus, so this is Jesus touching us on the shoulder, but how could he do that if he no longer has a body?

            Who is the narrator here?  Who is the Christ?  Who is the perfect Son of God?  The teachings are obviously not coming from Jesus, as is claimed in the passage quoted earlier.  However, in some places it is claimed that Jesus is talking directly to the reader, although in others he is describes as having given up the illusory body which would allow him to teach.  If this passage had been Jesus speaking it would have said, "You cower fearfully lest you should feel My touch upon your shoulder."  If it had been the Christ, the abstract "one creation and His happiness," this Christ could not touch anyone on the shoulder and another phrase would have been used. The narrator is obviously confused.

            Again, in Manual for Teachers, the narrator says, "We have repeatedly said. . . " (55).  Who is this "we"?  From whom do the teachings come? If it is a "we" who is talking, it is not Jesus or the Christ but someone else entirely, someone or a group which can be addressed as a plural.

            A further problem arises when the Manual says "Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created him" (85). Here Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but earlier we were told that he was the illusory body of the Christ, not the Holy Spirit, because the Christ could not teach directly. The page to which this is the introductory sentence is so convoluted it suggests that the narrator is thrashing around to try to make some sense of a Trinity which does not hold together.  The whole page shifts uneasily between the idea of illusions and bodies and aspects of God and the Holy Spirit and the Son of God and the Christ and Jesus. We finally do not know who or what Jesus is in relation to any of the “parts” of God.  We are told of a "part of your mind" that is "part of the Christ mind" but are assured elsewhere in a number of places that there cannot be parts of minds or parts of the Christ mind. Page six of the Manual says that "His plan can have no levels" yet here we have levels. Page 86 of the Manual says that the Holy Spirit "alone is functionless," yet on the page before it says that "In order to fulfill this special function the Holy Spirit has assumed a dual function."

             In a text which teaches there are no levels and no dimensions and no functions and no up and down and no parts separate from other parts, how can there be a "part of the Christ Mind" and how can the Holy Spirit be "called down upon the earth" from somewhere else as if the Holy Spirit is limited to a place in space until Jesus calls Him down from where ever He is, especially if Jesus himself is the incarnation of that Holy Spirit?  How can a functionless Holy Spirit have a dual function?  And how can Jesus, who is the incarnation of the Christ and also of the Holy Spirit "call down" the Holy Spirit from somewhere else when he is said to be both?

            In spite of all of this the Manual asserts that "The Course is simple" (73).  Hardly!

            This is only a small sampling, drawn from all three books, of the inconsistencies of the narrator, even after the texts have been edited for consistency.  How much more inconsistency there must have been before the editors tried to straighten out this whole matter, yet still they did not succeed.

            It is clear, even from the text itself, that the narrator is not Jesus, yet the text claims that Jesus is the teacher. But we know now that this is could not be the teaching of Jesus, just by looking at the text of the three books, however people may claim the contrary. Did the error come because Helen Schucman did not hear correctly? Hardly. She has recorded faithfully the confusion of who the teacher of this course in miracles is.  And in recording the inconsistencies of narrator, she has recorded the falsity which underlies the whole text.

            Who is the narrator behind ACIM?  Whose teachings do you believe?  From what source is all of this contradictory material coming?

            I assert again that the narrator was not Jesus because I am Jesus who wroteThe Thomas Book,  along with Judas Thomas, to bring new life to your spirit.  I am Yeshua and I did not write ACIM nor did I have anything to do with the writing of ACIM except to point out that it is a source of much spiritual confusion.

            The uncertainty of narrator arose from the attempt of the real narrator to disguise who was really speaking in the books. To read of who the real narrator was, read the article on this website about Simon Magus and the Trinity.  There you will find the true source of ACIM.

            You can now see for yourself why I do not support the teachings in ACIM.
The tragedy of ACIM is that many very fine people are attracted to it because it does have some very find lessons to teach, some profound words and ideas.  However, mixed in with the lessons which can guide you, are confused and inconsistent and false teachings which are already leading you far from God.  The biggest cause of difficulty is that ACIM denies the reality of the world which has arisen from God. 

            ACIM teaches that the universe is illusion.  Whether you are starting with Lesson One of the Workbook which states, "Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything," or whether you  are reading about the end of the universe in the Manual for Teachers, the world is seen as illusion. 

            The Manual states this directly, "The world you see is an illusion of a world.  God did not create it, for what He creates must be eternal as Himself" (p. 81).  This is direct support for the teaching of Ken Wapnick and Gary Renard that "there is nothing out there" and in that they have been faithful to ACIM.

            The Manual for Teachers says of the end of the world:  "Can what has no beginning really end?  The world will end in an illusion, as it began.  Yet will its ending be an illusion of mercy.  The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin and ending guilt forever.  So ends the world that guilt had made, for now it has no purpose and is gone" (p. 35). 

            The error of the philosophy which underlies ACIM, that the universe is illusion and arises only from guilt and not from God, and must vanish when "forgiveness is complete" (p. 35), is that the universe in most of its aspects is tremendously beautiful and is the direct manifestation of God, the Divine Source of all that is.  Only a very small part of the universe is ugly and cruel, (although to suffering humanity it may seem, at times, as if the whole universe is ugly). 

            The cruelty and ugliness arise, not from God, but from what the souls both in and out of bodies have themselves made in their attempts to assert the freedom which God has given them, from which they seek to learn and experience.

            ACIM blames the creation of the world on the ego and says that it is out of the ego that the illusion arose.  This is the ultimate ego trip.  It says, "God did not create it. Our egos did."  It says, "God did not create bodies" (Manual, p. 64). The universe may be a mistake but we have created it, claims ACIM.  All that we see around us, it says, was created by us and we can destroy it all just by changing the way we perceive. The ultimate ego trip is thus to say, “God did not create the universe: we did.”

            Some may argue that this idea of the illusory nature of the universe is not applicable to everything in the universe, but ACIM argues differently.  In the Workbook it states definitely, "The purpose of the workbook is to train your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world.  The exercises are planned to help you generalize the lessons, so that you will understand that each of them is equally applicable to everyone and everything you see" (p. 1). 

            Later on, as the mind in conditioned by the exercises to accept that the universe is illusion, the idea is even introduced that the universe is hell.  This idea that the universe (which I assert is actually the manifestation of God) is hell will make it impossible for any follower of ACIM to find oneness with God because no one will look in what they believe to be hell to find God.

            The universe is a place of infinite beauty, and the souls of human beings are likewise capable of infinite beauty, because both the universe and the life within it are manifestations of the inner Divine Beauty and Love and Joy and Peace of God.  ACIM says that Love, Joy and Peace are possible, but are not completely possible until the universe disappears.  I tell you instead, as I told people two thousand years ago, that the Kingdom of God is within you now and the Kingdom of God is around you now.  You do not have to wait until the world ends to discover the Presence of God.  It is around and within you all the time, if you will but take time to share with God in the Silence of your inner self and to see God in all around you. 

            ACIM teaches, "This world is not the Will of God, and so it is not real" (Workbook, p. 308).  I teach, to the contrary, that all that is, arises from the Will of God and is very real.  Nothing can exist which is not the will of God and all that exists is real.  Even the suffering you create is real, and for that reason it can be eliminated.  As you are finding in trying to follow ACIM, it is impossible to eliminate suffering when you think of it as illusion, until a mythical end of things.

              Accept its reality as something which has arisen from the freedom which God has given you, and you can change it immediately by changing yourself.  It is that simple.  You do not have to train your mind, as the Workbook argues, to accept that none of what you see comes from God. In that kind of illusory world you can do nothing until you have somehow found your way out of the illusion – which is impossible because the illusion itself is not real.

            However, out of the freedom which people have been given, they have been allowed to manifest whatever they wished in order to learn of the real meaning of freedom and ultimately of love and joy and bliss.  It may take time for them to learn these, but when it is learned, they have become wise and loving in the same way as God is wise and loving.  Their learning has become theirs through actual experience and it is not necessary to deny all their experience of life as illusion in order to find God.

            If what ACIM teaches were true -- that as soon as the ego made a choice which was not in accord with what is beautiful and loving and true, and that the resulting universe was merely illusion -- then souls have no freedom, even to make mistakes, and God is merely a tyrant who promises freedom but gives slavery.  Even the claim in the Course that, "You are not free to choose the curriculum, or even the form in which you will learn it.  You are free, however, to decide when you want to learn it.  And as you accept it, it is already learned," (Manual, p. 4) -- this philosophy is not freedom but slavery. There is no real freedom here.  You are forced by this tyrant God to follow only his pre-determined way.

            The Manual for Teachers says that anything that changes has not come from God.  It says, "The world you see is an illusion of a world.  God did not create it for what He creates must be eternal as Himself.  Yet there is nothing in the world you see that will endure forever" (p. 81).  This says that God never changes and that anything that changes is not from God. But without change there can be no learning and without change it is even impossible for anyone to return to God, even in an illusory universe.

            Souls can only learn in a world that changes and has consequences to action, but instead, the Course says that it is given to souls "To close all things of time; to end the sight / Of all things visible; and to undo / All things that change" (Manual, p. 69).  No learning has taken place in this vision of the end of all of human effort, which is seen as mere illusion, and the end is merely to be what one was at the beginning. 

            And so all that people have achieved, all that they have learned, all the results of their efforts, all the results of their pain and suffering as well as of their striving for a better life for themselves and others – all of this is seen in ACIM as mere illusion and a striving after wind. And when it is all over, they are merely back at the beginning, having achieved nothing.

            This is NOT what I teach and these words of the Course are NOT mine.
Robert Perry, like many others in the Course community, is a devout man who truly seeks to follow the ways of God and, in the absence of any other guide, has sought in the twisting words of ACIM for a path to God.  So he questions in his email to Bruce the following concerning ACIM:

"For instance, it radically redefines forgiveness, so that in its system we let go of resentment through realizing that the offense didn’t really occur, we weren’t really hurt, the other person is not really a sinner and is not really “other,” but shares the same Self. Forgiveness, used in this sense, is an undoing of our belief in separation and duality, an undoing that needs to occur so that we can remove the blocks to love and reawaken to oneness. It is not the end, but a means to that end."

            Robert's observation is in tune with ACIM but, as with the rest of ACIM, this observation is based on the idea that the universe is an illusion and that, therefore, all action must be an illusion as well.  Forgiveness, in the view of ACIM, as Robert points out, merely asserts that the hurt never happened and so the division which exists between those who think they have been hurt by any sin is healed and they are awakened to their oneness. 

            However, in ACIM, hurt is illusion, separation is illusion, but so too are forgiveness and mercy and love, as is stated in the passage quoted above, "Yet will its ending be an illusion of mercy.  The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin and ending guilt forever.  So ends the world that guilt had made, for now it has no purpose and is gone." 

            If all is generalized, as the Workbook says, then all forgiveness, all mercy, all love, all peace, all community – everything is illusion and there is no purpose in putting effort even into love and mercy and forgiveness which themselves must end in illusion.  It is better, in this view of the universe, to commit suicide, since even that is illusion and will at least deliver the ego from suffering.  And if the aim is to "undo the ego," as ACIM prescribes, then death of the body, which is portrayed as the ego, will definitely get rid of the ego.  

            Some of what is said of forgiveness is true, but only if the world is actually real, and that shows up the error of the rest of ACIM.  Once forgiveness comes between two people who are estranged by any action, then they are no longer separate but can live in harmony, but only if harmony is real, which the above quotation says is not so. 

            However, the universe must be real if any forgiveness is to have effect.  If the universe is real, and not illusion, only then, in the larger purpose of the universe for the souls of those who seek spiritual growth,  action does have results, people are hurt and offences are committed and have real consequences.

             In order to grow past an action which hurt someone else, people must experience in their own souls what they have brought into the experience of others.  If this leads to their suffering in order to learn, that is what must arise, but the ultimate goal of this learning is love and harmony and wisdom.  But without change and without consequences, there is no learning and ultimately, as ACIM does claim, there is no purpose.  For ACIM there is no purpose in the universe and no purpose in human effort, except to let go of human effort and to return to where one began before effort started.

            Passivity before the tyrant God who would allow souls to seek fulfillment in illusion, only to force them "home" to experience a "bliss" which has learned nothing, is what is ultimately taught by ACIM.

            And so all of human effort comes to naught, according to ACIM, and this philosophy seeks annihilation, the disappearance of the universe, death of the world of time, destruction of the self, society and the universe.  And no one is held to account for honesty, which is why Gary Renard and others can perpetrate what they do on their fellows -- people who are merely trying to learn of the ways of God and are taught illusions and fantasy instead by ACIM which claims to come from me but definitely does not.

            Many of the beliefs of ACIM come from a distortion of the role of death in life.  "If death is real for anything, there is no life.  Death denies life.  But if there is reality in life, death is denied.  No compromise in this is possible," says the Manual for Teachers (p. 63).  But this is to distort what death is, in the same way as the Course distorts almost everything in life by making everything absolute.  If there is one death, it says, then all is death.  But this is not true, in the same way as it is not true to say, "If there is one sadness then all is sadness." In denying degrees or distinctions, the Course makes it impossible to understand life.  Life is not absolute, unchanging or eternal.  If it were, there would be no learning, no growth or development, no moving from hatred to love, no growing awareness of the Presence of God and the dawning of wisdom.

            One of the beauties of God is that God is not eternally the same, nor does God require that people be eternally the same.  Such a God would indeed be a tyrant because such a God would insist that no one try to learn anything.  But the Course argues through the twisting of words and meanings.  That is why it takes so long, with so much repetition, to learn the lessons of the Course, because its beliefs are not the truth of the soul but rather the result of twisting the mind to accept what it knows is not true.

            Many people have learned much good through ACIM – things like forgiveness -- and that has been good, but because of its inner contradictions, it cannot take you any farther on your spiritual path and must end in conflict within the soul and between people because, if all is illusion, then each person is creating their own illusion and each illusory world must come into conflict with all the other illusory worlds.  The mind cannot deal with all these levels of illusion, finally, in spite of the Course's insistence that there are no levels, and so the mind must come into conflict with itself and with others.

            It is now time to leave the Course and seek an active participation in the universe which God has manifested.  Seek guidance in works of the spirit which can guide you there.  I have spoken recently in The Thomas Book which has been planned over two thousand years and has been brought to you by my reincarnated twin, Didymos Judas Thomas, who tells his story in that book. And when the time is ripe, you can learn from the prayer which I taught my disciples, The Prayer of Silence

            I teach that ACIM is now and has always been obsolete because it can take you no farther.  The universe will not disappear because it is not an illusion.  The universe is the manifestation of God and in exploring its depths and heights and width,  you will be able to discover much about God.  When you move into your inner being and explore there as well, you will find yourself entering into the very person of God because the Kingdom of God, the very Presence of God, IS within you, as I said often when in the body.

            Seek first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added to you.

            All of this immediately creates a conflict, as you can see. You are left with the choice whether to believe what is written through Bruce MacDonald or what is written through Helen Schucman.

            That is a critical choice.  Again I assert that ACIM did not come from me, from Yeshua, Jesus, the one you know as the Christ. We have already seen that the narrator, the person actually doing the teaching in ACIM is not reliable.  And in claiming that it came from me, it also lies.  ACIM thus has a primary level of its meaning which came from a major deception when it claimed to come from me.  It is built on a lie, and your confidence in it is based on a lie.

            The choice is yours, of course, whether to believe the lie or to examine the matter more closely.  The consequences are very real, since neither your life nor the world are illusions and decisions you make have real effects which stretch through centuries.

            We have chosen to launch The Thomas Book primarily to the Course community in the first instance because that is where the major lie exists, where the major need is where the major plea for clarification has come and where the major benefit can be achieved in letting those who try to find God through ACIM know that they will not find God there because they will have to wait for the end of the universe to achieve the Course's goal.  There are lies elsewhere, of course, and The Thomas Book addresses those as well.  Once the lie of ACIM has been addressed, it will be possible to move to other audiences. 

            Within the framework of the major lie about the authorship of ACIM there is a more immediate lie which is being addressed on the ThomasTwin website right now.  This has to do with the plagiarized "Pursah's Gospel of Thomas."  It is also related to Renard's claim to be a reincarnation of St. Thomas, which he is not, and the claim that Pursah and Arten are real and are reincarnations of St. Thomas and St. Thaddaeus respectively – which they are not. 

            There is a pattern of deception here.  The author of ACIM claims to be Jesus but is not.  The author of "Pursah's Gospel of Thomas" claims to be a reincarnation ofSt. Thomas but is not.  Gary Renard claims the authors of his books are Pursah and Arten but they are not. 

            The whole thing is built on a series of interconnected deceptions.

            This brings us to another question which Robert Perry raises.  Shouldn't we work together for the light, for what is positive and right?  I must reply with a definite "Yes and no."

            Yes, I always work with those committed to truth, to forgiveness and love, to harmony and cooperation, because those are the values all teachers of God work with.  I work constantly with people of all religions and all creeds, since creed is not a sign of following God.  This is why I feel compassion for those who seek in the Course for a path to spiritual maturity, because I have seen them searching for truth and know they will not find it there and will spend their effort looking for the light in dark alleys.

            No, I cannot work with a lie and where there is danger and error on the path to truth, I must point that out.  I will always continue to work with people of all religions or philosophies so long as we are working toward love, harmony, forgiveness, joy, honesty and other positive values and will continue to support any in the Course community who seek those values.  They will feel my presence and encouragement, even when they do not think my presence is possible because of what they have learned in ACIM – that I have withdrawn into the impersonality of their imagined God.  But I will also try to present them with an alternative which will be more productive for them to follow.

            As to asking Bruce the question which Robert has, whether he should work with those in the Course community,  I must state that he has been trained through a whole lifetime to carry, as accurately as possible, the message which we have to present to the world.  He has given up all of his life to the Work in which we are involved and his work is to be a channel for the truth we convey through him, with as little distortion as possible.  It would have been much easier for him to retreat to a comfortable retirement and forget the recriminations and accusations of those who are attached to the lie of ACIM, but he has given that up as well, as have all my Teachers.  Bruce is already working with Robert Perry and others in presenting this material on this website, to find truth and to guide others to truth and light, even if the others are not aware of the important service they are giving to others.

            However, if you want to know what I feel about ACIM, this is it.  It has provided a step in the spiritual path for a lot of people since its publication in 1975, and in as much as it has been positive, it has been good.  It will likely continue to provide a path for some people for some time to come, but gradually, as its limits become manifest, as people of good will try to put its principles into practice and find that it leads to negative results, it will be abandoned and will, like the gods of Mount Olympus, become a historic document in the spiritual development of humanity – no more – because it is not what it claims to be and it cannot take people where they want to go on the spiritual path.

            It is interesting.  Gary Renard gave the Course one last shot of life by simplifying its message, by taking the convoluted language of the original course and putting it into the ordinary language of ordinary people.  But he has also inadvertently revealed the underlying deceptive nature of the Course itself and the claims which it makes, and will help to hasten its death.

            This brings us back to the actual authors of ACIM.  I have asserted through Bruce MacDonald elsewhere on this website that the book was written by a first century magician by the name of Simon Magus.

            That is only partly accurate, of course.  In the same way as Judas Thomas was the ego centre of a particular Individuality (Spiritual Centre of Consciousness) in the first century, and Bruce MacDonald is the incarnation of that same Individuality in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, so Simon Magus and Gary Renard are the incarnations of a particular Individuality who is exploring the potential and the limits of the Docetic philosophy.

            Individualities, Spirits, those centers of spiritual consciousness which are manifestations of the Divine Source, can choose to explore anything they wish – God has given them freedom to explore what they will.

            It is technically this Individuality which is exploring Doceticism.  It is this Spirit who developed the philosophy, partly in the incarnate state and partly between lives.  The shorthand version of that is to say that Simon Magus developed the philosophy, since a major part of any of these explorations must take place in the body, and then, after developing and refining the philosophy further in the discarnate state, dictated it through Helen Schucman as A Course in Miracles.

            Simon Magus was not the only one involved, but he was the primary focus of the Soul Group exploring the philosophy.  And Gary Renard is not the only one involved in ACIM now, although he is the direct incarnation of what we can call the "Simon Magus Individuality." Ken Wapnick and a larger group of souls are also involved, although Renard is the present focus who will ultimately lead to its demise.

            In the first century Simon Magus claimed to be a lot of things he was not, including the Messiah and the incarnation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (check the Simon Magus article on this website for clarification of that).  ACIM claims for itself a lot of things it is not.  And Gary Renard claims for himself a lot of things which are not his. 

            The pattern of deception operating through two thousand years in the promotion of this philosophy is obvious.  So, whatever good there may be in ACIM (and there are many good and very devout people involved with it who are worthy of much more than they are receiving in this Course), the primary lies on which it is built must finally destroy it.  Many good and perceptive people have imposed a meaning which has come from their own integrity onto the Course and in the necessity to change the Course in order to reveal truth they have shown its weaknesses.  That meaning is theirs, not the Course's.

            As I have pointed out before, it is a self-destructive philosophy.  Instead of valuing all that God has manifested in the universe and instead of searching for the tremendous good which is to be found in all that is and in the human ego, ACIM seeks the dissolution of the universe and of the ego.  It seeks annihilation, a destruction of all that human beings have achieved and it presents a suicide of ego and universe as a union with the Father.

            Union with the Father comes, not through the disappearance of the universe but through an exploration of the tremendous, infinite power for good in all that is.

            Instead of looking out at the world and saying, as in Lesson 13 of the Workbook, "I am looking at a meaningless world," learn to look at all the world and at your fellow human beings and say, "I am looking at a world full of meaning which has come from God.  As I look more closely at myself and at the world, I can begin to discover God's Presence in the beauty of the world and in even the most sordid of things, and I can thus transform myself and the world I share with all God's creatures so that it becomes the Kingdom of Heaven, present on Earth as in Heaven."

            If you do this exercise consistently, you can undo the harm which the Course has done you.  It took 360 lessons, repeated over and over daily for a year or more, and much reading and discussion, to train the mind to see the illusion which is not there.  It will take only a short time to undo that damage and to find the truth which is within your inner being -- because you will begin, very quickly, to return to the awareness of the Divine Presence which is always with you, never far away, never hiding from you until the dissolution of the universe.  Remember, the Kingdom ofGod is within you and it is outside of you and here, in the world that God has manifested, you can find Heaven.

            Abba is the Guide to whom Yeshua introduced me in about 1984 and I have been constantly in touch with Him since then.  Abba is the way God manifests in the intimate contact of the inner Spirit.  I do not claim to have all the truth of the universe at my fingertips, nor do I claim that I am special because I have had the privilege of being able to speak in my inner being to Abba, to God, to the Consciousness of the Universe.  Jesus turned to God as Abba, in the intimate relationship with God which he says is possible for everyone to achieve

            What follows here comes from Abba, speaking through my consciousness – and, of course, coloured by my awareness because this is the intimate voice of God which can speak to all of us in our own way, with the words we need.  Any errors are mine and I do not claim that "God told me so." However, I do present what has come through my consciousness, claiming to come from Abba.  Look in it for insights which might be able to enlighten your awareness and your life.


            I called out to the young boy in the dark of the Temple night.  "Samuel.  Samuel," I said, and he rushed off to old Eli to ask why he had called.  Several times this happened until Eli knew it was Me speaking and told the boy, "The next time He calls your name, reply, 'Speak Lord, for your servant hears.’
            Moses, shepherding his flock in the hills of Midian, heard a voice coming from a burning bush.  "Remove your shoes," I said, "for the place where you walk  is holy ground."  Later, Moses learned to know me "as a man talks to his friend."

            Elijah, running away from King Ahab, hid in a cave and slept.  An earthquake,  a great wind and a fire passed by but he knew he could not commune with me in those.  When he heard the direct Still, Small Voice, he covered his head with his cloak for he knew I was ready to speak with him.  Elijah established the Schools of the Prophets to teach others to speak with me in their inner being.

            Yeshua, the one you know as Jesus, knew me from the first, babbling his childish words.  "Dad," he called me.  "Abba."  "My Father who is in Heaven," he told his disciples, "is the source of my strength and my comfort. But," he said, "theKingdom of Heaven is within you.  You also can pray, 'Our Father who is in Heaven,' and in the inner room of your heart you can share everything with Abba.'"

            All of these knew me in the way I want to know all people.  Children often hear my voice.  Listen closely.  You can overhear as they talk to me about the simplest of things.  Do not seek for only the profound things when you talk to me. Share the events of your life, your joys and sorrows, your questions and doubts as well as your hopes.  In all of these I am present to you whenever you wish to make the contact which will change your life.

            And what does this have to do with A Course in Miracles, you may wonder?  Many of you read in its pages and seek for union with Me, trying to do what it demands.  Yet it guides you in the wrong way.

            You seek My Peace and you look in ACIM for clues.  It tells you, "God's peace is recognized at first by just one thing; in every way it is totally unlike all previous experiences.  It calls to mind nothing that went before.  It brings with it no past associations.  It is a new thing entirely," (Manual, p. 49).  Yet I tell you that My Peace is always familiar because it does not have to be found in a time long ago before the imaginary fall into illusion.  My Peace is not a memory of what was, as ACIM says, but is an experience of My presence in you and in the world, now.

            Look at Yeshua or Samuel.  "God is like your Dad, Abba, speaking comforting words in the night." "God's peace is like the Still Small Voice which you have heard many times before in the wind in the trees or the singing of birds, except before you did not recognize it as my voice."

            My voice is always to be found in something familiar because I am in all things and you have experienced me many times without realizing it.  You have seen me in the loving glance of a stranger or a friend or a lover or parent.  Unlike the assertion of ACIM, which would make My Peace distant and different, I tell you that My Peace is entirely familiar.  That is why you can look around you in all you see and find me there when your eyes are opened.

            It is stated in ACIM that "God indeed can be reached directly . . . Yet this awareness and this memory can arise across the threshold of recognition only where all barriers of truth have been removed.  In how many is this the case?" (Manual, p. 61).  Here ACIM claims that ALL barriers to truth must be resolved before you can reach me directly.  This also is not so.

            You have not been in a dark hotel room, as I have, listening to the cries of one whose life seems to have come to nothing.  In that bleak place, and in many like it, I have made many direct contacts with those who are far from perfect.  Almost none of the barriers of truth have been removed for these people, yet I make My love known directly to so many in like state when they call out for my help. 

            In many cases the direct contact with me is made when truth has been abandoned completely and life has reached the depth of despair.  Contact with me is, in those cases, the beginning of the path to truth, not the result of a search for truth where all error has been eliminated. 

            The philosophy of ACIM is similar to that of the Pharisees and Essenes in the time of Yeshua.  They also taught that you could know me only when you were holy and had fulfilled all the requirements of the law and had proved yourself perfect.  Yet Yeshua told the prostitutes and tax collectors and sinners that they were not condemned to a life apart from God.  My love extended to them in spite of their lack, and my love filled the lack they felt. 

            Unfortunately, ACIM would claim that I am far away, somewhere before the universe came into being, waiting for ALL barriers to be thrown down before direct contact can be made with me.  But this is not so.  I am always available, even for those who have not succeeded in forgiving everything that has been done to them or which they have done.  They need only express the desire for my contact and it has begun.

            Your ego, your sense of who you are, your sense of "I am," does often distort the world which has come from me.  And in that distortion the ego makes it hard to hear my voice.

             But the ego is not evil and is not even the problem. The ego, in one of its phases, wants to keep me at a distance, to deny I even exist, because without this claim the ego could not claim to be the centre of the universe.  The idea of the ego which is presented in ACIM is at this stage.  It wants to say that God is far away, hiding in the past before the ego created the world.  This stage of ego really does think that it made everything and that in order to find me it must claim that the world is illusion. The ego will go through many stages of development before it is ready to hear my voice.

            But the ego must not be destroyyed or "undone."  I have not really made or created anything.  All that is is more intimately related to me than that.  All that is is a manifestation of my being.  It arises from who and what I am.  And since I am also freedom, what arises from me, the Individualities that become egos when they take a body for themselves, these also have freedom to explore whatever they wish, without punishment or condemnation.  That is the meaning of forgiveness – you are not condemned for doubting or thinking or exploring or looking for answers to the many questions which will eventually lead you to My wisdom. But that wisdom is always a new thing for everyone who seeks it.  It is never what has always been, eternally waiting for the ego to return to the past.

            So the ego which thinks it is God is only asserting what it actually is – it is a manifestation of My being, but it does not have to resort to the idea that the world is illusion to claim that identity.  It can claim it directly.  In the long run, this does not even separate the ego from Me, even if for a time it seems to.  And when you get to the point of feeling you have completely isolated yourself in the universe, call on Me and I will again remind you of my Presence with you so that you can continue your journey of discovery without fear.

            The ego is God.  It is Me, but it is also afraid because it thinks I will be jealous of other Gods.  I have no jealousy, even though people project their own fear onto me for a time and think I will be jealous and will want to punish them.  That is why people create punishing deities, because they don't think they would punish themselves and they feel guilt and feel that they should be punished for claiming to be what they are.

            If truth were known, I want all egos to be strong enough to believe they are Gods.  Didn't Yeshua say just as much?  "You are Gods" he said.  When the ego is strong enough to know the Source from which it came, and to know that it, too, is God, then it will not fear because it has become One with Me.  Only equals can become one and we are equals.  I have even become the servant of all in order that you may know of my love for you.

            That again is what Yeshua said, "I and the Father are one." That is the aim for all people.

            This is given in answer to why Bruce's Guides teach that ACIM is not a reliable guide to spiritual growth.  ACIM wants the ego to disintegrate and wants the universe to disintegrate since, it says, "The world of time is the world of illusion" (Manual, p. 4) and "The world of bodies is the world of sin, for only if there were a body is sin possible" (Manual, p. 81). 

            The body is not sin, nor is it the cause of sin.  I say that in whatever state you are, you have a body.  Those who are in the world have a physical body.  Those in the Spirit have a spiritual body.  A body is merely the vehicle for the Spirit to experience the various dimensions of the universe.  As the rainbow has colours, and light has even more colours than the rainbow, so all of reality has an infinite number of realms in which bodies of various kinds are necessary in order to explore the "many mansions of the Father."  Bodies are neutral.  They indicate nothing about sin or no sin, about guilt or no guilt.  As Yeshua said, "It is what is within the cup which defiles you, not the cup itself."

            ACIM has a whole series of exercises to teach the ego its philosophy.  The writer of ACIM, whoever that writer is (and Yeshua has addressed that issue), knows its conclusions do not come naturally to the ego and that the ego will resist, so it says not to repeat some exercises more than two or three times a day or for too long a time, lest the exercises lead to discomfort. 

            The reason these exercises become uncomfortable is that the ego carries the Divine Wisdom within it and it becomes uncomfortable at being told what it knows is not true.  If the ego persists, of course, it can learn the lie that the world is meaningless, but it is never comfortable with this conclusion and always feels insecure in the teachings of ACIM.  Consequently, it lashes out at those who threaten its tenuous hold on those conclusions, even swearing at those who dare to question its teachings.

            Lesson 14, early in the training, claims, "The world you see has nothing to do with reality.  It is of your own making and it does not exist."

            The ego can never be comfortable with that message or with the result of all 360 lessons.  It takes that long to persuade the ego of this falsehood because the ego knows the truth of what Yeshua taught:  "The Kingdom of God is within you."  God is to be found within the ego itself.  The world you see has everything to do with reality.

            The ego also knows the truth of what Judas Thomas wrote in the Gospel of Thomas (now in the Nag Hammadi Library), that I am everywhere:  "Split a piece of wood and I am there.  Lift up a stone, and you will find me there," says one verse.  Putting stones in place for a cooking stove and laying split wood between the stones for a fire was the work of poor, servant or slave women in that society.  It was the most menial of tasks, yet the assertion is true that I am present even in this most simple and menial of events.

            The world is not illusion and the ego does not separate you from Me.  All aspects of the world are an expression of my nature, and if the ego chooses suffering or anger or cruelty, that choice is also an expression of the freedom I am, although the cruelty is not of my nature.

            Simon Magus is also free to explore the Docetic philosophy and to work out its ultimate implications, as he has in ACIM, but you who have followed its teachings do not need to stay there.  When souls learn of the destructive or painful nature of their choices, they are also free to let go of what they have created and to try something else until they learn wisdom.

            But enough people have called out for clarification about ACIM so that this effort has been made to answer their questions. Do I speak against ACIM? Perhaps Bruce has chosen the wrong word there as he interpreted the feeling he received from Me.  I warn against expecting that ACIM will bring you to truth.  It is certainly a path which people are free to follow if you want what it brings.  You are free to live by its dictates, but they will take you progressively farther from Me and you will have to work hard to reverse the pathways it has created in your mind. Perhaps that is what you have chosen to experience in this life. If that is the case, you can continue in its way.

            You are also free to choose union with Me, because your being is mine.  When you choose love, joy, peace, compassion and anything which moves toward union, you begin to discover the bliss of which you are capable.  Once having chosen that bliss, there are few who would return to their old ways of illusion and separation.

            All possibilities are open to you to explore.  I do not condemn or punish but you create the conditions appropriate to your beliefs and actions. As it is said, "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.  He who lives by love continues to live by love, even when the body dies."  Each action and each belief has its own effect and its own realm of experience which you will need to explore to know the experience in its entirety. 

            But experiences must be explored in their entirety.  You cannot choose to experience only what it is for you to be cruel to others.  You must also experience what that has brought into the lives of those to whom you have been cruel.  All experiences have a completeness which must be lived once you have chosen part.

            This brings us to the question with which Robert Perry opened the questioning.  He wonders if ACIM brings a radical forgiveness where an action has no consequences and is not real.

            All action has consequences and all action is real. Forgiveness means that there is no condemnation and the person who forgives is no longer bound to the prison of judgment.  But the action still has its consequences so that the soul which has acted can learn the consequences of all its actions. If this were not so, there would be no learning, no responsibility and no wisdom.

            You must learn in the experience of your own soul what you have brought into the experience of others.  If you torture others you must learn in your own soul what you have brought to others.  That goes for all you do, so that you may learn of the nature of cause and effect in the universe. 

            That is why it is recommended that you "do unto others what you would have them do unto you."  What you do to others will come back into your experience so you can learn the lessons you set out to find.

            ACIM cannot lead to union with Me because it seeks to destroy both the ego and the realm of manifestation where union can take place. It seeks to destroy the connection between cause and effect.  What is eternal and unchanging is not from Me because there is no such place or condition. Even the vision of ACIM, where everything is dissolved and souls are returned to the bliss of eternity, depends on change back to where it started. 

            Everything changes, including Me, because all that is is the movement of creativity and consciousness, growth and development, exploration and discovery.  In human life, this is a source of hope, because you do not have to wait until "ALL barriers are removed" (Manual, p. 61) to begin to discover My Presence within you. If you remove some barriers, you have gone part way on the path and have your reward.

             In ACIM there is no learning because it claims, "As God created us so will we be forever and forever" (Manual, p. 66). This is in the context of the dissolution of the ego and of the universe.  When that happens, the Course concludes, souls will return to where they began and all they have been and all they have learned will have disappeared.  There is no cause and effect in this teaching.  All cause and effect have disappeared in ACIM and no learning takes place.

            But you must learn the effects of the causes you put in motion.  Once you have learned the consequences of action you will gradually realize that it is better to act from love rather than hatred, from honesty rather than from lies, from compassion and generosity rather than from cruelty and greed.  Knowledge and wisdom will arise from your own action and will truly be yours.

            Action is, indeed, very real and has very real consequences.  That is why souls will eventually turn to love.  And in love they will find union with Me.  And that union can be achieved many times a day with every act of kindness and with every act of love which you express. In time, you will find, arising from your own actions and thoughts, a sustained relationship with Me which is the greatest Bliss, Love and Joy.

            All of this is achieved in small degrees, in small increments, in all those small and gradual steps which ACIM says do not exist.  It is the small degrees which are of most importance; because everyone is capable of small things, and those can gradually bring you to the point where you will, like the children, speak freely to me "as a child speaks to his/her friend."

            And so I call out to those who have taken a hard road, like the oxen whose yoke is heavy and who are required to pull a heavy load, "Come to me all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

            If you want to take the hard road which ACIM holds for you, where you believe you are far from Me and that I cannot be reached in your world.  That is up to you. But you can take the gentle road where you come to me daily in the Prayer of Silence, and in the Silence we will commune together and in the Silence you will gradually be healed of the burdens you have taken on yourself and in the Silence you will come to know me, also, as Abba, Dad.

            Come to Me, in all the small things of life, and gradually you will find your whole life filled with the light and love of My being. 

            None of this is illusion.

            That brings me to the end of what I received from Yeshua and Abba.  I hope it has explained why I have said the things I have about ACIM and about what Gary Renard claims.  And I hope these words bring you to a more gentle life, one filled with the presence of God and not a life of illusion.  Gary is also invited to return to the love of God, even though he has argued that God is completely divorced from our lives and is not even aware of our problems. 

            Peace, Bruce

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