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Reactions to my criticism of 
A Course in Miracles

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I discovered a “reply” from Robert Perry at  (http://www.circleofa.org/articles/ResponseToBruceMacDonald.php ) to the article in which Yeshua and Abba (Jesus and God) talk about their opposition to A Course in Miracles (click here for the Jesus and God article on this website).

            Most of what he writes in his reply is merely generalization, arguing that Yeshua and Abba (Jesus and God) do not know what they are saying about ACIM because they are TOO SPECIFIC in their response.  Robert complains that they only quote specific passages and look at their meaning, instead of looking at the Course through the eyes of Robert Perry who has spent a good part of his life developing to his own satisfaction what he thinks is its philosophy.  Of course, what he thinks the Course means is not what other teachers of ACIM think it means. His is response is not ACIM. 

            Robert has trouble with the comments of my Guides because they quote inconvenient passages which disagree with the meaning Robert has discovered over the years.  The meanings of most of the quotes Jesus and God give are quite obvious, but Robert actually disagrees with what the Course says through those quotes because, he says, he has looked elsewhere in the Course and has found that the passages don’t really mean what they say because he has been able to discover that, when added to something else, they really mean something quite different from what they say. 

            This is the standard way of trying to deal with a text which has basic contradictions within it.  I should know.  I have published many articles in professional literary journals looking at this specific tendency among literary theorists.   It is odd that Robert will not give Yeshua and Abba a very good mark on their “essay.”  Robert doesn’t like the way they respond to the text. 

However, unlike Robert, they do not hide from the actual implications of the passages they quote, by glossing over their meaning with pious conclusions drawn from elsewhere in the Course.  I am sure they are not concerned with the bad mark Robert will give them.  They are not ready to pussy-foot around when they find contradictory claims, especially when those claims are made about them and their intentions for the welfare of the world.

            In earlier comments about ACIM I had dealt with the general principles which are in error, (check here) and Robert said I wasn’t specific enough.  He wanted more quotes from my Guides.    So they have been very specific, quoting from many parts of the Course, not just one or two places, to demonstrate that even if you try to argue from Robert’s general stance, that ACIM is valid, the specific quotes from the Course show that it is contradictory, destructive and very much at odds with what Jesus actually taught or what God is actually concerned about in the relationship between human beings and the Divine. 

            It is also inconvenient for Robert’s argument that a number of the quotes they give from ACIM actually support what Gary Renard says about the books.  Renard is not just making this stuff up.  It is in ACIM, even if you want to ignore it and try to generalize it away as Robert does.  By doing what Robert does with the text – arguing against what part of it says by quoting other parts of it – he is actually showing that the text is contradictory, but he doesn’t seem to realize what he is doing.

            It is interesting that I have received a number of emails from people who have thanked me for writing what is here because it has helped them realize why the Course has not worked for them.  It has not kept its promises of bringing them closer to God and away from their ego illusions.  It has actually made their problems worse.  And it has not brought them any kind of resolution in their lives.  In fact, after the initial changes they saw in themselves, as they did the earlier exercises in the Workbook, they found that the Course actually led them in destructive ways, as Yeshua and Abba say would happen. 

            A number of them actually said they felt that the exercises were playing tricks with their minds, distorting normal perception and relationships to make them think that their whole world was illusion.  You need only look at some of the Course discussion groups to realize that many people (not just Gary Renard’s followers) actually run their lives that way now – as if all their experiences are illusion and they need only wait till the illusion disappears.  They do not have to take responsibility for their lives or do anything to resolve their issues, as Yeshua said would happen.  They merely wait passively and hope that things will turn out okay.  They have become passive pawns in a game of illusion.

            Robert Perry is an honourable man, someone who is concerned with the spiritual welfare of his readers, and I admire him for that.  But he is also an example of someone who has so much invested in ACIM that he cannot see the weaknesses even when they are specifically pointed out to him by quotes from the text as well as the earlier generalized analyses of the Course. 

            There are many people who spend a great deal of time with a text which they believe is sacred because of that very belief.  Look at all the believers in the Koran and the Bible and the various Hindu scriptures and the Book of Mormon, etc., etc.. They decide it is sacred, then think that something that is sacred cannot possible be wrong.  But they find contradiction which they think should not be there.  So they spend years trying to iron out the contradictions in order to make the text finally make sense, even when it is contradictory and does not make sense.  And they finally cannot see contradictions even when they are pointed out to them directly.  They merely deny the contradiction because they think they have found some way around it.

            I would recommend that others not become so trapped in ACIM that they are blinded to what it is actually doing to them and others.

            The other method of spiritual growth which was taught to me over they years does work, does heal body, mind, emotions and spirit to bring you to a sense of oneness with God.  That method is explained in

The Prayer of Silence: 
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