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Who is Gary Renard – Really?




Who is Gary Renard – Really?

© Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD

[from Chapter Four, Part Two, The Thomas Book]

(Starting at p. 94) But we still have that assertion by Ahtun Re on Walter Semkiw’s website that Gary is the reincarnation of St. Thomas. Ahtun Re has a history of being very accurate in his readings, so we have to take that seriously.

        We have been dealing with contradictions in Gary’s writing and in his behaviour, things which can readily be identified. In going farther, we must realize that we will be dealing with evidence which comes from “spiritual” sources, and trying to prove anything from this material is a bit more difficult than proving observable facts.

        Kevin Ryerson is a trance channel and Ahtun Re is a personality who exists in “spirit,” not in the flesh. A Course in Miracles is a channelled work from a spiritual source. Gary’s “Ascended Masters,” Pursah and Arten, are supposed to be future incarnations of St. Thomas and St. Thaddeus, who materialize from the future to talk with Gary in his living room. Any evidence of their existence has, we are told by Gary, been destroyed. In all of this material there is very little “concrete” evidence we can deal with, so we will have to proceed in unconventional ways if we are to get at the truth of the matter.

        However, we do have a basis to begin our discussion since Ahtun Re told Walter Semkiw that Gary is the reincarnation of St. Thomas. Even if you do not believe in channelled information that is a prem­ise from which we can begin to work.

        Gary begins to get into trouble because he goes farther than Ahtun Re’s reading would justify. Not only does Gary accept Ahtun Re’s assertion that he is St. Thomas, he also claims, in addition, that he is a reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas, Doubting Thomas and the author of The Gospel of Thomas in The Nag Hammadi Library.

        We don’t need a quote from Ahtun Re to tell us there is a prob­lem here. In our detailed examination of early Christian documents in Chapters Two and Three, we discovered that St. Thomas and Didymos Judas Thomas were two completely different people. Gary cannot possibly be both, as he claims. And we discovered that St. Thomas did not write The Gospel of Thomas, even though it would seem natural to make that assumption. If Gary was St. Thomas in a past life, as Ahtun Re says, then Gary could not have been the writer of the Gospel, as he claims, [because Didymus Judas Thomas wrote that Gospel] and he could not have been “Doubting Thomas” either, [because “Doubting Thomas” was Didymus Judas Thomas, not Thomas]. These are only the first of a num­ber of problems which arise from Gary’s ignorance about the fol­lowers of Jesus. It is this ignorance which makes it obvious that Pursah and Arten are fabrications, not real “Ascended Masters.”

        Gary’s claim that he was Didymos Judas Thomas in a past life is what I call reincarnation identity theft, and the proof of that charge can be seen only in the context of a number of things which hap­pened to me over a period of years. Therefore, in order to clarify this aspect of our discussion, and given the strange nature of the evidence we are working with, I ask your forbearance at this point as I give you a short account of my experience. This is of tremen­dous importance, since this may be the first provable case of rein­carnation identity theft in history.

        I refer to myself in the third person in the account which fol­lows, as Bruce MacDonald, because the logic of the contradictions will be much clearer that way. I know you have heard this story earlier in the book, but for the sake of those who have forgotten the details or who have not read that part, I repeat some of what I have already said.

        In 1966, Bruce MacDonald had a Near Death Experience, after a fall down a 37 foot shaft on a construction site in western Can­ada. During the NDE, he met with Jesus and discussed a “project” which was then taking shape, a project which involved many thou­sands of people. He was given the choice of whether to remain on “the other side” or to return to his broken body. He decided to return.

        After coming back to life, he was convinced that there was something terribly wrong with the Gospel stories in the Bible so, instead of becoming a minister in the United Church of Canada, as he had planned, he completed a PhD from the University of Leeds in Eng­land and became a University Professor, with the underlying aim of finding what was wrong with the Gospels.

        In the early 1980s he channelled a Gospel of Thomas which he published privately as According to Thomas. He did not claim any particular past life identity, but assumed that he was merely a uni­versity professor who happened to write a Gospel. He has been going through a very intense spiritual training program, guided from within, from 1966 to the present.

        In 2007, Bruce felt the time was ready for the Gospel to be published to a wider audience, so he sent a copy, now called The Thomas Book, to a publisher, along with a book about meditation (The Prayer of Silence) which incorporated many of the lessons from his Near Death Experience and a life of meditation and spiritual search. He also sent a copy of the books to Walter Semkiw, author of Return of the Revolutionaries, (a book on reincarnation), thinking Walter would be interested in any reincarnation connections involved. This is where Ahtun Re entered Bruce’s life.

        Walter consulted Kevin Ryerson and Ahtun Re and sent Bruce an email in which he said that Bruce was not a reincarnation of St. Thomas but “was a reincarnation of the scribe who wrote down The Gospel of Thomas” in The Nag Hammadi Library. Bruce’s research and his inner guidance led him to realize that the scribe who wrote the Gospel was actually Didymos Judas Thomas and Bruce’s spiritual Guide told him that he, Bruce, was a reincarnation of this Judas Thomas.

        Walter encouraged Bruce to consult Kevin as well. Bruce had two readings, one in July and the other in September, 2007. On both those occasions Ahtun Re confirmed what Bruce’s Guide had told him.

        (It is important for this discussion to state that, although Bruce was told by his Inner Guide that he was the reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas, he did not make this claim. It was con­firmed by Ahtun Re, through Kevin Ryerson, the same person who said that Gary was the reincarnation of St. Thomas. It has the same weight, logically, then, as the statement about Gary being the rein­carnation of St. Thomas.)

        Ahtun Re reiterated that Gary Renard was a reincarnation of “St. Thomas,” but not of Didymos Judas Thomas, and that “Thomas” (of whom Gary is said to be the incarnation) did not write The Gospel of Thomas in The Nag Hammadi Library. As you can readily see, this information from Ahtun Re immediately con­flicts with Gary’s and Pursah’s claims.

        There is a very troubling implication in this: either Ahtun Re is contradicting himself or the person who has been identified as the reincarnation of St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus, is perpe­trating fraud.

        Concern about this fraud was not confined to people in the flesh. As you are aware, Bruce has his own spiritual sources (he did, after all, channel a Gospel through his communion with Jesus and Judas Thomas).

        Bruce has been told by his spiritual Guides that those in Spirit were concerned that in the 1990’s Gary had claimed identity as the reincarnation of St.Thomas, in a new book he had published pri­vately and was distributing on the internet. They were also con­cerned that he was leading many people astray by teaching in the name of Jesus, things which are very different from what Jesus would have taught. It was therefore decided to follow a course of action that would take a few years to unfold.

        They knew that it was almost impossible to prove Gary wrong in any conventional way because his claims were related to events long gone and only someone with “inside information” would be able to expose him. Three people within the Course community tried, without success.

        It was therefore decided that Ahtun Re, because of his connec­tions with Bruce in a life in ancient Egypt, would orchestrate the plan. He would first tell Walter Semkiw that Gary was St. Thomas in order to confirm Gary’s claims and to make him feel so over confident that he would lower his guard and make critical mistakes through which he could be exposed. This was a “white lie” passed on to Gary to pander to his pride.

        Bruce was on the scene but was not yet ready to act because he was going through an intense period of training before publishing his Gospel and other works.

        When Bruce was ready, however, he was first led to read Walter Semkiw’s book and to read on Semkiw’s website that Ahtun Re said Gary was a reincarnation of St. Thomas. This was the base from which all the rest would follow. Walter Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson were friends of Gary, so information could not be presented openly through them to Bruce. Only hints and code phrases could be passed on to Bruce.

        (The evidence of Gary’s fraud was most persuasive, however, because it had to be conveyed through channels who would have resisted it if they had known what was happening!) As we have seen earlier in this book, Bruce was then told he was “the scribe who wrote down The Gospel of Thomas.” Only Bruce would know the implications of this phrase, and Walter would pass it on without being aware that he was actually passing on informa­tion which would lead to the exposure of his friend, Gary. If Ahtun Re had said, “Bruce is the reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas,” Walter and Kevin Ryerson would immediately have seen the con­flict and might have been reluctant to pass it on (as they were reluc­tant to help later).

        Once Walter had passed on the information, all the players were in action. It was hoped that, with his training as a literary historian and writer, accustomed to looking for obscure hints and patterns in the documents of the past, Bruce would be able to find a way to put all the clues together in a way that would succeed in exposing the fraud.

        Bruce, the actual reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas, had enough inside information about the life and teaching of Judas Thomas to be able to find the errors in Gary’s writing. To Bruce, the fraud was blatantly obvious, even though to others, unfamiliar with the life of the early church, it was hidden.

        Bruce tried first to persuade Walter Semkiw, Kevin Ryerson and Gary’s editors of the fraud, but they would not act and in some ways even tried to block his attempts to expose what Gary was doing. So he had to act more directly, himself coming up with the present chapter as the way of revealing the truth.

        Bruce’s sources even say that, in spite of what Ahtun Re had said about St. Thomas earlier (to put Gary off the scent) Gary is really a reincarnation, not of St. Thomas, but of Simon Magus (Acts 8:9–24). He was a magician and healer who claimed to be the Messiah. In the Christian tradition he is known as someone who perverted spiritual truth for money, hence the term “simony.” He was a Docetic philosopher, just like Gary. In fact, Bruce’s Guides say, it was not Jesus who was the source of A Course in Miracles, but Simon Magus, who then incarnated as Gary in order to promote his ideas more directly. This is the reason Gary is so successful in his teaching of a philosophy which was his own in the past.

        Most people know very little about the early church, and even scholars are vague about what actually happened. Gary thought it was safe to draw on that area of history for his fiction because few people could expose him. However, Bruce had special knowledge of that period in history and realized that it was in the murky area of the early Christian church that Gary made his greatest mistakes in creating his Ascended Masters. Gary’s errors could actually be exposed quite simply.

        First, Gary made the mistake of thinking that, because Ahtun Re said he was the reincarnation of St. Thomas, he could also claim that he was the incarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas. Not so. Gary did not realize that they were two separate people and that he could not be a reincarnation of both at the same time.

        Second, Gary thought it would be easy to get away with talking about St. Thaddaeus, because almost no one knew who that was. There was a Thaddaeus who was one of the “Seventy” who Jesus sent out and there was the disciple Thaddaeus. But most people have never heard of him. Gary did not realize that in the disciple lists in the New Testament, Thaddaeus was another name for Didymos Judas Thomas. In making Pursah into the later incarna­tion of Didymos Judas Thomas and Arten into the incarnation of St. Thaddeus, he had actually made them incarnations, not of two people, but of one person with two names.

        Gary also thought that, since Ahtun Re said he was a reincarna­tion of St. Thomas, it was safe to claim he was the author of The Gospel of Thomas. He did not realize this was a title given by schol­ars and that The Gospel of Thomas was actually the Gospel of Judas Thomas and was not written by Thomas at all.

        Finally, Gary tells us that Arten and Pursah are married to each other, but also that Pursah was the reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas and Arten was the reincarnation of St. Thaddaeus. Because, historically, “Didymos Judas Thomas” and “St. Thaddaeus” were merely two names for the same person, Gary had inadvertently constructed a story in which Judas Thomas is married to himself. This is impossible, of course, even in Gary’s illusory world.

        Gary’s ignorance of early church history betrayed him into all of these fatal mistakes, as Spirit knew would happen if they allowed his pride to get the better of him. His carefully crafted illusion has finally fallen apart.

             For most people this will be enough evidence of fraud. But if what we have presented here is still not enough, then we can look in his second book for the most convincing evidence — plagiarism.

(End of quotes from The Thomas Book.)

             [For detailed plagiarism evidence, look at the article on this website called, “Gary Renard’s Stolen Gospel.”  It is quite obvious, after all of this evidence, that Gary could not possibly be who he says he is and that he is not being honest with his readers.  It was also necessary to write all of this so that Judas Thomas could regain his name and publish his gospel.]