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Adventures with the Sons of Belial



Adventures with the Sons of Belial

© Bruce F MacDonald, 2011
[Published in slightly different form in:
http://www.theos-world.com/archives/show.php?NAME=tw200910&PATH=txt&DESC=October ]

            I had already completed a PhD from the University of Leeds in England and was an English professor at the University of Regina in Canada when I first read There is a River, the biography of Edgar Cayce, the American “Sleeping Prophet” from the early part of the 20th century who was so successful in his health and spiritual “readings” while in trnace. Along with other books about Cayce, it added a whole new dimension to my understanding and teaching of creativity and literature. It also helped in my exploration of the implications of a profound Near Death Experience I had in 1966 as well as other psycho-spiritual gifts and experiences.

            However, I must admit that one of the things that I have found a bit unclear in the Cayce readings is talk of the "Sons of Belial." That has seemed far away, only part of the drama of Atlantis and akin to the talk of devils in fundamentalist churches -- until a short while ago.

            I was surprised when a psychology professor colleague and friend of mine, Dr. William Wynn (known to everyone as Buddy) phoned me just after breakfast and asked if he could come over at about 10:00 a.m. Yes, it was urgent, he said.

            I had spoken to a number of Dr. Wynn's classes about spiritual experience and had used meditative and intuitive methods of doing personal counselling for years. I was scheduled to speak at another of his classes in two days. I thought maybe it was about these matters he had come to speak.

            We talked over a cup of tea and then he said that he had to talk to me because he could think of no one else who might be able to help. What was happening to him was intensely spiritual and intensely troubling.

            Buddy was raised in a very judgemental fundamentalist Christian home in Texas. After university, he had rejected all of that and had become an atheist. Then after some profound experiences in India, he had become interested in spirituality and for many
years had taught immensely popular university classes in parapsychology.

            Recently an inner voice, which he referred to as the "score keeper," began telling him that he was a failure in life.  However, in the last couple of days the voice had been going so far as to tell him that he was wasting everyone's time and he should die. He could not get rid of the voice and that is why he came to me.

            I got him to do one of the meditative counselling exercises that Carl Jung and others have done with great success (this is one of the exercises included in my recent book, The Prayer of Silence). I asked him to close his eyes, relax, and imagine that the voice was speaking to him. Then I got him to repeat aloud what the voice said.

            The voice spoke with an almost hypnotic insistence: "You have always done the same thing: you get interested in something, get going with it, and then you drop it and start on something else.  You haven't been of service to anyone. You have wasted your life and don't have anything to show for all your efforts. You might as well die. In fact, that is what you should do -- die."

            As we discussed what the voice said, Buddy could recognize some of the patterns of his childhood family values in the voice. He had been taught that you should serve others or your life would be a waste. He could sense echoes of his church teachings in the
judgement and condemnation in the voice, but the part about dying was new in the last few days and really bothered him. The voice seemed to be drawing on some of his earlier training but was twisting its implications.

            Actually, Buddy hadn't wasted his life at all. He has devoted a good part of his life to helping people understand many of the psychic and spiritual experiences that have been documented in parapsychology research, and is presently giving classes to the general public to bring about a greater understanding of these phenomena. Many people speak with great appreciation about what he has been doing. But the voice had picked up on a negative aspect of his childhood and was insidiously undermining his self confidence.

            I thought perhaps these echoes of his childhood had originated with one particular person -- a minister or uncle perhaps -- so I got him to ask the voice what its name was, then tell me what the reply was.

            "We don't really have a name," it replied, "because we are more like a tribe."

            The reply reminded me of when Jesus spoke to the man possessed by demons who said his name was "Legion" because there were many of them. But I also intuitively thought of Edgar Cayce, so I got Buddy to ask the voice if Cayce had ever spoken of them.

            "He might have," was the hesitant reply.

            "Ask him if he is related to the Sons of Belial," I told Buddy (Buddy had to ask me for clarification, since he did not know who these people were).

            "We prefer not to have that known," replied the voice.

            Suddenly, intuitively, I realized that one of the Sons of Belial, of whom Cayce had spoken so many times, was speaking with the voice of my friend in my living room.

            Buddy brightened up with sudden realization. He said to the voice, "You really don't want to help me. You want to destroy me."

            "That's right," replied the voice. "People do our work for us. They just need to have hatred and fear and then they will destroy each other. We don't have to do much at all."

            I got Buddy to ask this Son of Belial why he was telling us all of this, since he would lose his effectiveness if we knew.

            "We've already won," he said. "There's nothing you two can do about it even if you know."

            Again I had an insight. "Ask him if he knows about the Children of the Law of One," I instructed.

            Again Buddy didn't know who I was talking about but when he focused his mind on the Law of One Buddy said, "Wow. That's really powerful."

            The voice of the Son of Belial replied without concern, "We have defeated them."

            "Do you know me?" I asked.

            "We have already defeated you. Just look at the world. There is nothing you can do to change what is happening. It will end in chaos."

            Again I thought of Cayce's readings about how Atlantis had ended and thought of all the violence and discord in the present world.  Would it end like the stories of Atlantis recorded?

            Just then, Buddy said he sensed a monument that somehow represented the voice. He moved his hands in front of him, making something that looked like a huge pyramid with very steep sides. Then he said that the voice had showed the monument to him and said, "It represents our success."

            Buddy thought it was something like the Tower of Babel, that biblical story which told of the division of human beings into groups who could not understand each other and so continued to fight.

            I thought it must be a pyramid of some sort, from his hand movements, and intuitively received the image of human sacrifice, so I asked if the monument was Teotihuacan, the pyramid discovered by the Aztecs in Mexico in which the remains of human sacrifice had been found.

            "No," the voice replied. "But that is also a manifestation of our power." I realized that there are a number of monuments to the discord and destruction of these Sons of Belial in the world.

            I asked about the violence in the world today.

            "We are always there whenever hatred and violence and greed are preached as virtues," he replied. "Many of the religious people are doing our work for us. They will kill each other as they worship their gods of violence."  I thought of all the people using religion as an excuse for killing each other.

            We ended the session, with Buddy becoming aware that he no longer had to worry about the voice which had been trying to destroy him and the good work he was doing.  We had both gained new insight into some of the sources of the violence in our present world.  Any teachers who were counselling violence in the name of God were really acting from the promptings of these Sons of Belial.

            After some more conversation, Buddy left. With self-knowledge, he realized that he was free of the effects of the voice and was now free of this son of Belial.

            However, I was very intrigued by what had happened in my living room. I have for many years been able to do channelling and to contact spiritual "entities" in meditation, so after Buddy left, I was able to get in touch with the same person who had spoken through him.

            In communicating with him, I had the sense of being in touch with not one soul but a huge group of souls, all of them connected. When I communicated with them through my mind they seemed to respond all together.

            They were full of smug confidence about having defeated the forces of Light and Love in the world. My first reaction was to fear what they could do in the world, and then I realized they were inducing fear in me, and my fear could defeat me if I let it grow.

            Then a vision arose in my mind of how the Sons of Belial were actually not powerful at all: in fact, they are a means by which "human" souls are able to evolve. The Sons of Belial provide the difficulties. In overcoming the challenges put before them, souls grow in knowledge and insight. The result of this spiritual evolution is that, when all the human souls have evolved sufficiently and need no longer remain on earth, then the Sons of Belial will be the only ones left, trapped in their own negativity.

            I had the sense that they had been on earth before the rest of us came here thousands of years ago. That is why we had been warned not to come here. They were the spirits who were behind the stories of "fallen angels." They are also part of the reason we are trapped here, because they keep us from loving, positive, freeing thoughts.

            When I communicated this observation to the group soul of Belial there was a collective shudder as if they suddenly realized that their supposed victory would be nothing but emptiness once the other souls had evolved beyond the control of the negative emotions. There was a feeling like fear running through the whole mass of negative spirits: they collectively sensed their ultimate failure.

            I also communicated to them that their error is based on the idea that when people die, the Sons of Belial have triumphed. "When human beings die," I told them, "They go on to other opportunities to learn and are reborn so they can evolve further.  They never really die," I told them. Again there was a shudder.

            Then I offered the ultimate forgiveness. I said that if they gave up their negative ways they too might be able to start evolving into the Light. God did not condemn them. At that, there was a great sense of bewilderment and a feeling of discord and division of purpose in the whole mass of negative souls. When I thanked them for the service they provided for soul growth, they were very disturbed indeed.

            I wanted to check if my insights were at all similar to Cayce's so I consulted my DVD collection of the Cayce readings and was amazed to find the close match between my perceptions and the conclusions of the readings.

            Reading 877-2 gives a good summary of the difference between the Sons of Belial and the Children of the Law of One:

            8. The Sons of Belial were of one group, or those that sought more the gratifying, the satisfying, the use of material things for self, WITHOUT thought or consideration as to the sources of such nor the hardships in the experiences of others. Or, in other words, as we would term it today, they were those without a standard of morality.

9. The other group - those who followed the Law of One - had a standard. The Sons of Belial had no standard, save of self, self-aggrandizement.  (877-26)

            The Sons of Belial were "those that worshipped the satisfying of physical desire, those that worshipped ease and pleasure in the material world" (640-1). Under their influence "the Creative Energies were being used for destructive purposes -- or as cloaks behind which their activities might be carried on" (1007-3).

            "The divine and spiritual laws become destructive in the hands and the activities of the sons of Belial" (1297-1). In fact, the whole process of being trapped in what John Van Aucken calls "the beetle body," the hard shell of material embodiment, was accelerated by the Sons of Belial: souls "became more and more materialized as the powers were applied for self-aggrandizement" (2850-1).

            (This reading implies that as we follow the Law of One we become more spiritualized and lose our sense of being trapped within material limits.)

            In the Cayce readings the Sons of Belial are active mainly in the Atlantean times but there is mention of them being active in the Roman times as well as in biblical times. However, the effects of the experiences of former lives were felt in the present by many of those who sought Cayce's help. One writer asked about the doubts he felt at times:

            34. (Q) Can you explain the periods of extreme doubt that come, though innately I must believe? (A) These are from those experiences when there were the associations and activities of Nehemiah, that made for the settlings in the land; and when the children of Belial roundabout made for fear and doubt in the hearts of those that had set about to do and to establish there the service of those peoples to their Creator. -- (1144-2)

            Nehemiah was one of the leaders of the Jews when they returned from captivity to Jerusalem and worked to rebuild the temple and the walls of Jerusalem.  Cayce identifies the Sons of Belial as the people who lived in the land and tried to discourage the Jews from their work of service to their Creator.

            In one case, the influence of the Sons of Belial led to feelings of discouragement and the attempt to commit suicide (876-1). I immediately thought of Buddy. The voice had been telling him he was a failure and should die. Is it the same voice that drives many people to depression and suicide? Is the increasing inner doubt and self loathing, the increase in suicide and violence in the world due to the insidious influence of the Sons of Belial working in the background of our global society?

Cayce outlined a solution for one respondent: "First," the reading says:

"analyze thyself, thy purposes, thy aims, thy desires. Have ye an IDEAL that is of a spiritual nature? Or is thy IDEAL only one that passeth away, being only in the material? 31. Know that only that which is good and sincere, and purposeful for Creative Force, lives on. Not that which is beautiful only for the gratifying of an emotion of self, or of those influences in thy activity that passeth away, - for the ashes and the husks thereof are indeed bitter. -- (1892-1)

            The core lesson I learned from my session with Dr. Wynn was that the Sons of Belial have very little power in themselves. They depend on human beings to do negative and destructive things. The way to overcome them is to choose the right. Over and over,
Cayce says that in the past people have "chosen" the wrong path in Atlantis or Rome or elsewhere and that now they need to choose the right path.

            As we look around the world, it may seem that the Sons of Belial have won the battle for the hearts of humanity. They wear many disguises. They wear the mask of religion and teach violence, hatred and death in the name of God. They wear the mask of greed and idolize the ruthless quest for money at all costs (which is part of the cause of the present economic crisis.)

            However, once enough people are involved in the positive aspects of life, in working as the Children of the Law of One, then the power of the "dark side" vanishes.

            We obviously need to take Edgar Cayce's advice to identify a positive ideal in accord with "the Creative Forces or God." We will then be able to follow the path of service, of goodness and of the evolution of spiritual consciousness through love, kindness, generosity and cooperation. This is the Law of One.