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Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD

A Message of Hope for Troubled Times

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Selected Contacts and Resources

The Thomas Book and The Prayer of Silence Homepage:  http://www.ThomasTwin.com

Email the author at: TheThomasBook@gmail.com



For The Thomas Book:  http://www.eloquentbooks.com/TheThomasBook.html

For The Prayer of Silence:     http://sbpra.com/brucefrasermacdonald

            “Adventures with the Sons of Belial”: Also available by clicking here, this article was first published in the online Theosophical journal, Theosophy World in 2009.  It describes an encounter which Dr. Bruce MacDonald and his colleague, psychology professor, Dr. William Wynn, had with the Sons of Belial and the Law of One.

It also presents ideas from the readings of Edgar Cayce about the role of the Sons of Belial in the spiritual evolution of humanity, topics central to The Thomas Book.   

Works attributed to Didymos Judas Thomas available at:


The Gospel of Thomas 
"The Song of the Pearl" 
"The Hymn of Judas Thomas the Apostle"

Early works about Didymos Judas Thomas

            The Acts of Thomas 
The Book of Thomas the Contender

http://www.gnosis.org/library.html is a good source for texts from the first centuries of the Christian era.