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Background to The Thomas Book



Background to The Thomas Book

©by Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD 2011

            After a fall down a 37 foot shaft on a construction site in June, 1966, which led to a seven month stay in hospital, I had a Near Death Experience in which I met Jesus, Elijah and Moses before being given the choice to stay on the other side or return to life in my badly smashed up body. 

            I decided to return, and brought back with me a strange conviction, that I could no longer be a minister in the United Church of Canada (as I had intended) because there was something terribly wrong with the Gospel stories in the Bible and I had to discover what the difficulty was.

            My quest, after the seven months of treatment for a broken back and badly damaged internal organs, involved returning to university and completing a BA, MA and PhD in preparation for a university teaching and research career. 

            I was Professor of English at Luther College, University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1980 when I started an intense program of meditation directed at healing cancer and persistent severe back pain.  When I was successful at healing both of those conditions, I decided to use meditation to further my spiritual explorations.  In course of time I met Jesus again in my inner being during meditation, similar to the way I had seen him during the Near Death Experience.  Following that meeting, almost every evening, when I entered into the Silence, he gave me teachings which I wrote in my journal.

            After I had a considerable collection of teachings (almost a “sayings Gospel”) another voice arose in my inner consciousness during meditation.  This identified itself as Thomas, the disciple, and it was through his eyes that I saw and recorded the narrative parts of Gospel portion of The Thomas Book which held the teachings together. 

I did not just see through his eyes, however.  I actually began to realize that I had been him in the past, and that I was now re-entering his life and feelings and conflicts and relationships.  I could even sense the layout of houses and see scenes through his senses.  Somehow we had bridged the centuries.  We were becoming one in my present life.  The Thomas Book reflects that closeness in the immediacy and emotional intensity of the narrative. 

            At the time I was writing the Gospel, in the early 1980s, I was told that I was the reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas, otherwise known as Thaddaeus and, in John’s Gospel, “Thomas, the twin.”  There was another Thomas among the disciples.  He appears in the standard disciple lists in Matthew and Luke and is the other Thomas in John’s Gospel.  I was led to the passages in the early texts of The Acts of ThomasThe Book of Thomas the ContenderThe Song of the Pearl and The Gospel of Thomaswhich spoke of Thomas as the twin brother of Jesus, but I refused to accept that identity at the time.  It was too much to take, after all the rest that had happened to me.

            It wasn’t until 2007, when I was sending the Gospel to publishers, that I was finally confronted with the identity as Judas Thomas again.  I sent a copy of The Thomas Book to Walter Semkiw, MD, reincarnation researcher, and asked him if he had any way to find out about any reincarnation identity.  He consulted Kevin Ryerson, the foremost trance channel in the United States, and source of much reliable reincarnation material, and Kevin told him in trance that I “was the scribe who wrote down The Gospel of Thomas” in The Nag Hammadi Library

            When I had readings with Kevin in the summer of 2007, he confirmed twice, through the voice of Ahtun Re, who speaks through him, that I was the reincarnation of the twin brother of Christ.  However, when I asked permission to quote from the readings in Part one of The Thomas Book, he refused to let me, and seemed actively opposed to the idea of my quoting him because, if I was the reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas, that meant that a friend of Kevin’s, Gary Renard, was committing fraud in a big way.  It is because of this connection that I have devoted so much space on this website and in Chapter Four, Part One, to Renard’s apparent fraud. 

            Interestingly, when a friend of mine was consulting Kevin three years later, in the summer of 2010, she was careful not to mention anything about me in detail, yet, when she inquired of Ahtun Re while Kevin was in trance, if he knew about Bruce MacDonald’s identity in the first century, Ahtun Re confirmed that my friend had been an associate of Judas Thomas who, he said, was the brother of Jesus and “had been born on the same day as Jesus – do you know what I mean?”  The implication, of course, was that Judas Thomas was Jesus’ twin brother.  She answered, “Yes,” because she realized that Ahtun Re was still keeping secret from Kevin what he said about me.  It is a strange case of the trance medium being used by those in spirit to convey information which he would not want spread, if he was answering in a conscious state.


            This gives a brief sense of the background to the book.  The full adventure, along with the evidence for the twin of Christ in the early documents of the church and in the Bible, along with many of the implications of this identity, are discussed in Part One of The Thomas Book

            The Gospel portion of the book is very important.  It is part of the project I discussed with Jesus, Elijah and Moses in the Near Death Experience in 1966.  It is the Gospel which I wrote in the early 1980s and which is designed to change the way people see Jesus and his message.  It is a key document in the future development of the Christian faith.  It is designed to change the way we think of God and of the purpose of human life.  And, I assume, it is part of the preparation for the Second Coming of Christ which has been looked for by Christians for 2000 years.  It is obviously a very important document, if all of this is true. 

            I must also say that I was pleasantly surprised at the reception The Thomas Book has received, even among many Christian clergy.  I had thought that it would find a lot of resistance among Christians, but the reaction has been completely different.  It seems that the book provides a new way of seeing the Jesus story which answers many of the profound questions people have had over the years, and it provides a much deeper, “spiritual” way of understanding the story.

            It has been known for a long time that people model their lives on the scripture stories they follow.  Whole societies are modelled on these scriptures.  Just look around the world to see which religious books are the models for the various societies, then read those scriptures to discover how the societies are modelled on what people have been reading, and you will realize how important scriptures are. 

            The Thomas Book provides a new kind of “scripture,” that which is scripted, written.  It also provides a new “mythic framework” or pattern of ideas related to life, one which is much more accurate in its reflection of human psychological reality than most scriptures.  That is partly why people find it somehow releases a great sense of hope and happiness when they read it. 

            I am honoured to have been part of the process which has brought this book into being.  I know how complex the process has been and how much planning was involved on “the other side” and how much training of me, the receiver, had to be conducted in order that I might write the document.  It is good to see it all come to fruition after all these years of learning and searching and training.