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Did Nostradamus “See” 
The Thomas Book

© 2011 by Bruce F. MacDonald, PhD

            I still think of myself as someone who is a retired university professor who likes to do carpentry and gardening.  It is often difficult thinking that I am someone who wrote a Gospel and a book on meditation.  It is even more difficult to think that something I wrote might have been “seen” by the “seer,” Nostradamus, almost four hundred years before it was written.  I don’t feel that important.

            But then, I must step aside and realize that, in many ways, it was not “me” who wrote these books.  Yeshua and Judas Thomas wrote The Thomas Book, and most of the material in The Prayer of Silence was taught to me by Yeshua who led me to the appropriate research or ideas, and helped me put it all together while I sat in meditation.  These were not exactly “channelled” works, but were rather “inspired” works, where “inspire” means “to breathe into.”  In thinking of Nostradamus and Thomas it is important to keep this origin in mind.  I still have the sense of having been trained as a clear channel through which these books could come into manifestation.  There is no ego involvement in them as somehow “my” creations.

            Bearing all this in mind, and getting me out of the way, it is then possible to think that  
--  if Didymos Judas Thomas, who was known in the early church as the twin    brother of Jesus, was reincarnated in the present, and 
--  if he wrote a Gospel which corrected many of the errors in the canonical       Gospels
--  that would be a significant event indeed. 

One would even expect in that case that Nostradamus SHOULD have “seen” an event that  significant in some of his visions and SHOULD have almost been compelled to written it into his prophetic writings.

            If Nostradamus did see and write about that event, what might his prophecies look like? 

            The prophecies of Nostradamus are notoriously obscure because he was afraid of being persecuted by the Inquisition.  He only gave hints about what he saw.  And the great difficulty in tracking any event in his prophecies lies in the fact that he only ever gave brief  phrases, a couple of lines and in rare cases, a whole stanza, to any particular event.  We would expect, then, to find only a few phrases or lines scattered throughout his works, which somehow “match” what is going on in The Thomas Book or in its origins.  Although it is very rare for events to be described in long passages, what follows here suggests that Nostradamus did indeed find this event to be of considerable significance because there seem to be two long passages devoted to it.

            The first prophecy which struck me as a possible reference to The Thomas Bookwas from the “Letter to King Henry II.”  In that work there is a passage which reads,

“At that time, from the stock that has so long been barren, originating in the 50th degree, shall come one who shall restore the entire Christian church.  Then a great peace will be established, with union and concord between some of the children of opposite ideas, who have been separated by diverse realms.” 

            What first struck me was the reference to “the 50th degree.”  Nostradamus usually referred to cities or countries instead of bare geographical locations.  “Degrees,” when they do occur, usually refer to geographical lines of longitude and latitude.   The Gospel for which I was the channel – The Thomas Book – was written in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada which is almost directly on the 50th degree north latitude.  Because the city of Regina did not exist at the time Nostradamus was writing (it is a little over one hundred years old now), it would make sense for him to give a geographical reference instead of giving the name of a city, if his visions actually pointed to that location on the globe.

            The book was written in Regina so the lines, “from the stock that has so long been barren, originating in the 50th degree,” may refer to the book or may refer to the origins of the person doing the writing.  In that case it would be relevant to state that I have descended from immigrants who came from the Channel Islands (Jersey), Normandy and parts of Germany, all of them on or very close to the 50th degree north latitude. My maternal grandfather was from Jersey and arrived in Canada in the late 19th century.  Other ancestors on my mother’s side came to Nova Scotia from Normandy and Germany around 1752.  My father’s ancestors came from Scotland, which is quite a bit further north and would not apply.

            Further to the question of origins on the 50th degree, a few years ago I experienced a “past-life memory” which almost cost me my life.  We were camping in a place called Crooked Lake, not far from Regina, and also on the 50th degree.  My daughter and I both had visionary experiences/dreams in which we were involved on opposite sides of a conflict between two Cree tribes a few hundred years ago.  I was the “War Chief” of one tribal group and my daughter in that lifetime was a pregnant woman on the other side.  We were involved in a war and in a massacre of our “enemies.”  The pregnant woman who is my daughter in this life, along with many members of her tribe, was killed by the war group which I led.  The spirits of the dead were still active at Crooked Lake and rose out of the lake, asking my daughter why she did not take revenge for what I had done so many years ago.  That same night I had a dream about the vicious battle and, strangely, the next day my wife and I both found arrowheads and stone and bone tools on the beach, even though it was a popular beach and one would expect any implements would have been claimed long ago.  Our stay there was quite traumatic and it was a strange experience camping where earlier a massacre had taken place in which we were involved.

            On a later visit to Crooked Lake I was stung by a hornet, which almost killed me, since I am critically allergic to their sting – only a rush by ambulance to the nearest hospital and a night in the ICU saved me.  In a visionary experience while in the ambulance, I saw the spirits of the dead very happy at getting revenge on their old enemy.  That lifetime among the Cree people may be another connection with the “the stock that has so long been barren, originating in the 50th degree.”

            One might wonder why the “stock” would be considered “barren.”  As far as I know, there have not been any prophetic figures from all these areas of the world, either from Europe or from the Canadian prairies, for a very long time, at least as far back as the time of Nostradamus. 

            I am not originally from Regina and while in high school I even had trouble remembering the order in which the Canadian Prairie Provinces were arranged.  Until the summer of 1964 I had no intention of going to live in Regina but, strangely, it has played a significant role in my life.  I really did not expect I would live in Regina and when I left Regina several times, I thought I would never return.  However, it was almost like "something" continued to bring me back to this city, even when I had no intention of coming here.  Now, as I look back over my life, it is as if I have lived my life between the twin poles of Regina and India.

            I was born in Nova Scotia in 1944, went to India when I was three years old (arrived in Bombay on my third birthday in 1947) then spent from 1947 to 1959 in India except for one year in Nova Scotia and Hartford, Connecticut.  It wasn’t until the summer of 1964 that I came to Saskatchewan, to work as a “Student Minister” with the United Church of Canada in the now vanished towns of Lewvan and Colfax, south east of Regina. 

            I returned to university in New Brunswick in the autumn of 1964 but was drawn back to Regina in spring, 1965, because I thought I merely wanted to take time off my studies to decide, finally, what I wanted to do with my life.  Regina itself seemed to have different plans for me. It was in Regina that I fell down a 37 foot shaft in June, 1966, and spent seven months in hospital.  It was also in Regina that I had a profound Near Death Experience in which I met Jesus, Elijah and Moses and decided to return to a badly broken body, even though Jesus warned against it, and it was in Regina I met the woman who would be my wife (ironically of East Indian origin) who would share most of the adventures of my life.

            Again, I was in Regina until the autumn of 1967 and then left, thinking I would never return.  I went back to New Brunswick to complete my BA from Mount Allison University and then was married in Trinidad in the West Indies in August of 1968 to the woman I met in Regina.  We moved back to New Brunswick where I completed an MA from the university in Fredericton and then moved to Nova Scotia where I taught at Acadia University while Olive worked in the library.  From there we went to England where I taught at the University of Leeds and completed a PhD from that university.  And from Leeds we moved back to a job teaching at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton again.

            We had no intention of returning to Regina but, in 1976, it was the only place with a university teaching job in my area of expertise, and we have been in Regina since then. 

            When we returned, we found there were many patterns which repeated themselves.  For instance, Olive had gone to Luther College High school – I got a job teaching at Luther University College.  I had back surgery in Regina in 1966 – I had back surgery in Regina in 1979.  I had served as student minister in Lewvan and Colfax – many people I had known there had moved to Regina and attended the same church we did.  I had met Olive while she was boarding with some friends of mine on McPherson Avenue and we attended Wesley United Church.  We ended up living four blocks away from the house on McPherson Avenue, and now attend Wesley United Church.  There were a great number of these “coincidences” and we knew that there was a significant pattern to events surrounding Regina.  It was as if something was bringing us back to Regina and making sure we noticed it played an important role in our lives.

            It is because of all of this that the reference in the Letter to King Henry II seemed significant to me, especially when it was at 50 degrees north latitude that I had written The Thomas Book which, if it is what it claims to be – a gospel written by Didymos Judas Thomas, twin brother of Jesus – then it does indeed have the potential to “renew the whole Christian Church.”  And since the companion book to The Thomas Book – The Prayer of Silence – was also written in Regina and offers a new and powerful way of practicing a meditative prayer which is designed to renew those who practice it -- and through them any institution to which they belong – potentially “the whole Christian church” -- the prophecy seems like it at least has the possibility of fulfilment.  Time will tell.

            Whether a great peace will ensue from these events is yet to be seen, but the directly expressed aim of both books is to create “union and concord between some of the children of opposite ideas, who have been separated by diverse realms.”  This concord and harmony would arise from realizing that we are all connected as manifestations of the Divine Love and Light and that, through reincarnation, we cannot condemn anyone lest we find we have been of that race or creed or sex or sexual orientation in a past life.  If we condemn others, we condemn ourselves.  We have to learn to get along if we are to survive on this planet. We are all one, and in that realization we can begin to work toward a more peaceful and unified world.  

            It is no wonder that the words jumped out at me and made me think that, perhaps, Nostradamus had seen these events long before they had occurred.

            The same day I was reading this passage, another caught my attention.  In the collection of his prophecies, Century II, Quatrain 13, the following words are found (with the original French in brackets):

The body without soul is no longer at the sacrifice:
[Le corps sans ame plus n’estre en sacrifice:]
Day of death put for birthday:
[Jour de mort mis en nativité:]
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
[L’esprit divin fera l’ame felice,]
Seeing the word in its eternity.
[Voyant le verbe en son eternité.]

            This passage really makes no sense on its own.  There seems no relationship between the phrases in this list.  However, if this passage is seen in relation to the new Gospel, The Thomas Book, it makes perfect sense.  That is a good reason, in addition to the previous passage, to think that Nostradamus was seeing something related to this gospel in his visions.

            “The body without soul is no longer at the sacrifice,” immediately reminded me of the way Jesus dies in The Thomas Book.  The crucifixion is almost always referred to in Christian writing as a sacrifice, and the “body without soul” would refer to the dead body of Jesus.  In traditional Christian theology, the body of Jesus IS at the sacrifice, at Golgotha, the place of the skull where the crucifixion took place.

            In the Gospel for which I was scribe, Jesus does not die at the site of the crucifixion at all – in fact he is not the one who is killed on the cross.  Nostradamus could not have written about this alternate story in his time without being executed by the Inquisition, but this shorthand almost exactly describes how Jesus dies in The Thomas Book

            This prophecy has two meanings, however.  First it means, as we have seen, that the body of Jesus is not at the site of the sacrifice.  Secondly, it means that the meaning of Jesus’ death is not a sacrifice at all.  Many people have objected over the years to the doctrine of Vicarious Atonement, where Jesus is seen as a sin sacrifice, a human sacrifice, to appease the “just wrath” of God.  The Thomas Book says quite the opposite.  God does not have wrath.  God does not need to be appeased.  Therefore, the “body without a soul,” the death of Jesus, has nothing at all to do with sacrifice.  It has to do with what follows in the quatrain – "Day of death put for birthday."

            In The Thomas Book, there are many references to death not being something fearful but actually a kind of birthday into another spiritual realm, so the phrase “Day of death put for birthday” exactly describes the philosophy of death in that Gospel.  Jesus says in The Thomas Book that the day we die is actually a birth into a new freedom of the Spirit, where we are not limited by all the pain and suffering and discord which come from living in bodies.  And it reflects the message which is coming through the Near Death Experiences (including my own) of thousands of people in the present, who are discovering that death is, in fact, a kind of birth day into a new awareness.

            The next passage in the prophecy, “The divine spirit will make the soul happy, seeing the word in its eternity,” is important in a couple of different ways.  The Thomas Book makes the same distinction which Nostradamus does between the “Spirit” and the “Soul.”  The Spirit is the eternal aspect of the Self, that part of the person which is one with God.  The Soul is that psychic aspect of the person which is changeable but which can work toward perfection to become one with the Divine Spirit, thus awakening the Christ-Consciousness.  In that sense the Divine Spirit will make the Soul happy because the Soul learns in this new Gospel that it can actually become one with the Spirit, the Word, the Logos, the Divine Light “which enlightens every person coming into the world,” as John’s Gospel puts it. 

            In another way also, the soul will be happy to read The Thomas Book, the corrected account of the life of Jesus from the perspective of his twin brother, and discover that the “word,” the account of Jesus’ life and teachings, is eternal.  The soul will be happy to learn that the real account of events does not die just because certain documents were originally destroyed by the Church of Rome.  The Thomas Book says that the story can be carried over many years to be expressed again when the time is ripe.

            Some people say that Nostradamus’ prophecies are like a Rorschach inkblot test in that we can see whatever we want in them.  However, in these two cases, the prophecies seem to be so exactly related to what is happening historically and geographically in terms of the publication of this new Gospel, and also textually in terms of the central meaning of The Thomas Book, that they cannot be dismissed as mere generalized ink blots.  If this book is what it claims to be, a “correct” account of what happened to Jesus, written by the twin brother of Jesus, it is an important document indeed, and one would expect it to have been foreseen by someone like Nostradamus. 

            It would be hard for Nostradamus to be more exact in referring to The Thomas Book, especially when we consider that he was writing almost four hundred years ago and was actually trying to hide the meaning of what he saw in his visions.