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Think of this website as a book with each page a chapter. That way it will be easier to find your way around. There are many interesting articles here on a variety of topics, from a short biography of Bruce MacDonald, to information on his new "Gospel of Thomas," to samples and background to his striking book on meditation, "The Prayer of Silence." If you are interested in Theosophy and Helena P. Blavatsky, you will find ideas here which enlarge on her information. There are articles on "A Course in Miracles" demonstrating that it is not the work of Jesus (as most people claim), but of a prominent first century magician. You may want to read reviews of Gary Renard (an ACIM teacher who has plagiarized some of his work and who is apparently not who he claims to be). There is an exploration of prophecies of Nostradamus which refer in detail to Bruce MacDonald and his books. The material here will stretch your mind and help you to think into areas you may not have considered before. Run your mouse pointer over the menu items to the left and many of them will expand to show you additional essays or pictures. Explore and enjoy!



are pleased to release

           The Thomas Book: 
Near Death, A Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of Jesus


and the related book,

          The Prayer of Silence: 
A Complete Course in Spiritual Transformation


by Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD.  

These are profound additions to the world’s spiritual literature

Readers have expressed their appreciation:

Nova Scotia artist, Alison MacNeil writes: “...here words fail me. . .' It is incredible and wonderful, and ... you feel you want to burst with joy and excitement  . . . Thank you, thank you for sharing that huge step of understanding.”

"I've just read 'The Life" section of THE THOMAS BOOK and find it the most compelling, meaningful, logical, empowering spiritual guide that I've come across (having read quite a few!)."   Dr. William Wynn, psychologist

“The Gospels make sense for the first time in my life,” comments Rev. George Parker, retired Anglican priest, after reading The Thomas Book.

“In my research I have read many guides to meditation. The Prayer of Silence is the best I have read --  because it actually works,” writes Andre Vinogradov.


This website is itself a treasure trove of spiritual ideas. 

Besides introducing The Thomas Book and The Prayer of Silence to the public, and presenting background information about the author, it also includes a number of intiguing articles about Nostradamus, striking psychological adventures with the “Sons of Beliel,” an account of MacDonald’s connection with the emergence of Simon Magus into the modern world through  a popular series of channeled books called A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and the intrigue involved with one of the most popular ACIMteachers, Gary Renard, and his plagiarism of a central part of his second book.

There is also room for the author to put new articles from time to time, both in the Blog section of the website and in the Additional Articles section.   Check back often.

It has been known for years that the early Christians believed in reincarnation. In the New Testament, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do the crowds say that I am?” 

            The disciples answered, “Some say John the Baptist, some say Elijah and others say that one of the old prophets has risen again” (Luke 9:19-20). 

They answered this way because reincarnation was a popular belief among the Jews of the first century, and was assumed by the disciples to be the way life-after-death worked.  Jesus did not disagree with them about their assuming reincarnation, because he knew he could have been the reincarnation of Elijah or Jeremiah or one of the other prophets.

            However, in the Gospel of Luke he went on to explain that he was actually the reincarnation of “The Son of Man,” a person who had entered history at the time of Adam and is mentioned in the writings of Enoch, the Book of Daniel and the readings of Edgar Cayce.  Many early Christians even believed that Jesus was the reincarnation of Adam and of Enoch. 

(check: http://www.near--eath.com/experiences/origen049.html?pagewanted=all).   

            In the Gospel of Thomas which Dr. MacDonald discovered (and which makes up Part Two of The Thomas Book) there is a clear sense of how reincarnation is involved in our spiritual evolution and our relationship to the Divine Nature which is at the heart of our being.

            But what happens if reincarnation is not just a theory mentioned in the Bible?

            What happens if the disciples themselves reincarnate, as seems to be happening recently?  What does all of this say about the importance of the present time in history, of the long held belief in the “Second Coming of Christ”? 

What if Jesus actually did have a twin brother, Didymos Judas Thomas, as many early Christians taught and as is recorded in some of the early Christian texts as well as in the canonical Gospels, and is explored in Part One, Chapters Two and Three of The Thomas Book

            And what would happen if that brother returned to life now, at this troubled time in human history, and if he remembered what happened to him as Judas Thomas?  What if he wrote a new Gospel from those memories? 

            Both of Dr. MacDonald’s books raise these important issues in intriguing and very readable formats.

            When Bruce MacDonald returned to life after a serious industrial accident and a Near Death Experience (NDE) in 1966, he knew there was something very wrong with the Gospel stories in the Bible.  Surprising as it may seem, he talked with Jesus, Elijah and Moses during the NDE.  They discussed a project involving a major stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity. 

Since his body was so badly smashed up by the accident, MacDonald was given a choice whether to stay “on the other side,” or return to life.  “It will be very hard to get the old machine going again.  We can do it another way,” Jesus warned him. 

He decided to return to life and to seek a solution to the mystery of the Gospels and to explore the nature of human spiritual consciousness and the way mind and spirit can heal the body.  After seven months in hospital he was able to begin his search.

            MacDonald decided not to become a minister in the United Church of Canada as he had intended and instead became a university professor, completing a PhD from the University of Leeds in England, teaching in a number of universities and doing research around the world in order to solve the Gospel mystery.

            The Thomas Book is a real-life Da Vinci Code.  MacDonald explores his experiences of living in a number of countries and examines the literatures and traditions of the world in his quest for answers to the questions he brought back from the dead.  He was finally forced to enter deep into the mysteries of human spiritual consciousness and reincarnation in order to bring the text of the Gospel to life, seen through the eyes of Didymos Judas Thomas, twin brother of Jesus. 


            Part One of The Thomas Book describes the Near Death Experience and MacDonald’s meeting with Jesus, Elijah and Moses.  It presents the exciting and intriguing story of the complex quest for the new Gospel along with the frustration of trying to find an identity and a text which had been hidden by the forces of history and twenty-first century fraud.

            Part Two presents the most valuable result of his search -- a Gospel which Bruce MacDonald discovered hidden in the mysterious byways of consciousness.  The Thomas Book is what the Tibetan Buddhists call a “terma,” a text hidden in consciousness at a time when it was in danger of being lost, to be retrieved later, at a time when its publication would be welcomed and when it would benefit many people on their spiritual journey. 

            This is a very troubled time in the history of humanity.  The world is faced with overpopulation, religious wars, violence, the loss of values, terrifying weather, earthquakes and other signs of chaos.  The Thomas Book is a book for these times and brings a sense of meaning to an otherwise chaotic world.

            In the first century, Didymos Judas Thomas had written The Gospel of Thomas (discovered in Egypt in 1945 and now published as part of The Nag Hammadi Library), after the resurrection of Jesus.  He listened to the “living Jesus” speak to him in spirit and recorded his memory of Jesus’ teachings while alive.  In The Thomas Book we have an exciting new development -- Bruce Fraser MacDonald listened to both Judas Thomas and Jesus in spirit and recorded their words in a Gospel which corrects many of the errors in the record of events and teachings in the four canonical Gospels in the Bible.  When he finished the Gospel, MacDonald realized why he felt after the NDE that “something was wrong with the Gospel stories in the Bible.”  He had been given his answer by the original protagonists in the Jesus story, after many years of searching.

            The most shocking discovery which MacDonald made, and one that he resisted for many years, was that he was not just a university professor who happened to write a Gospel.  Reincarnation was not just an abstract theory.  He was told by his Inner Guide, confirmed by Kevin Ryerson, one of the foremost trance channels in the United States, that he was himself the reincarnation of Didymos Judas Thomas.  This was not a channelled work.  In writing the Gospel, MacDonald had become Judas Thomas again, reuniting his consciousness with the person he was at the time of Jesus.  He saw the events and heard the teachings through the eyes and ears of the person he was in the first century – Didymos Judas Thomas, twin brother of the Christ.

            MacDonald was trained as a literary historian and has published articles and presented research papers on the literature of Canada, India, Africa and the West Indies in journals and books around the world (check his Professional CV on this website).  In The Thomas Book, in recovering the consciousness which bridges two thousand years, he puts his considerable investigative abilities into an exploration of the early documentary evidence for the existence of this twin of Christ, including the surprising evidence for his existence even in the canonical Gospels.  After the time of Constantine, most of this evidence had been destroyed, but there is still much early, fragmentary writing pointing directly to the belief in this twin.  

The author’s exploration of the role of sexual fear in the formulation of some of the doctrines surrounding the birth of Christ, and the attempts to keep hidden the truth of a number of the relationships in “the Jesus circle” in the Bible, adds much to our understanding of the influences which have formed our modern world. 

When MacDonald finally started looking for a publisher, he discovered that another conflict had bridged the centuries, following him into the present to put almost insurmountable barriers in his way. 

            The adventure of finding that a present-day, best-selling author and teacher of the principles of A Course in Miracles, had not only committed fraud, but also plagiarism and reincarnation identity theft, added to the intrigue of a conflict which has carried over 2000 years to find a solution in 2010.  MacDonald’s attempts to expose the fraud were blocked by publishers and researchers who one would expect to be searching for truth.  His struggles to find someone willing to publish his discoveries, opens a dark window into some aspects of the spiritual publishing industry. One editor even wrote wistfully, as if to say that he would like to publish the book but was under too much pressure from opposing factions, “I can’t publish The Thomas Book.  But keep trying.  It is a very good book.”

            You can read on this website about part of this astonishing adventure in the sample Chapter readings from The Thomas Book and in the articles about Gary Renard’s plagiarized gospel and his relationship to Simon Magus.

            MacDonald has provided other food for thought in articles on this website about the connection between some of the central doctrines of contemporary Christianity, A Course in Miracles and the first century magician, Simon Magus, in the section called, “Simon Magus and the Trinity.”

            Read further here about the connection between Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and The Thomas Book under the title, “Did Nostradamus ‘See’The Thomas Book?”  Nostradamus’ prophecies raise the important question:  “Is The Thomas Book part of the drama foreseen by Edgar Cayce which, he says, will precede the Second Coming of Christ?” (http://www.the2012warning.com/category/edgar-cayce )

            Born in Canada, Bruce Fraser MacDonald grew up in India and has lived much of his life in India, Canada, England and one year in Hartford, Connecticut. He is no stranger to the church, and this intimate connection with traditional Christianity was essential for the kind of writing he was to do later in life.  He is a member of a prominent United Church of Canada family.  His father, the Rev. Peter S. MacDonald was President of the Maritime Conference of the United Church and served many pastorates in Nova Scotia, Bermuda and India (where the author spent the early years of his life).  His uncle, Very Rev. W. Clarke MacDonald, was the Moderator of the United Church.  A sister, brother and brother-in-law have also been members of the clergy.

            MacDonald has been professor of English at the University of Leeds in England, Acadia University in Nova Scotia, the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton and the University of Regina in Saskatchewan.  He was Professor of English at Luther College, University of Regina, until his official retirement in June of 2010.  He has published widely in his academic area.

            A second book, which is part of the project about which Jesus, Elijah, Moses and MacDonald talked during the Near Death Experience in 1966, a book on a new kind of meditation called The Prayer of Silence, has been released by Strategic Book Group, Durham, Connecticut, 2011.  Written by a master teacher, it quickly guides the reader to experience the heart of Spirit in yourself and to a profound transformation of your life and relationships, as well as of your understanding of the meaning of Jesus’ hidden teachings – his “spiritual psychology.”

            MacDonald comments about the role of the NDE in the auto-biography elsewhere on this website:

            There are a number of theorists working on NDEs and their effects, but I believe The Prayer of Silence is the first in which the level of consciousness reached in a Near Death Experience, reproduced in meditation without a NDE, becomes the basis for a new level of spiritual growth.  I discovered it was possible to help those who have not had an NDE to enter into many of the profound spiritual perceptions which NDE survivors have.  At the same time I have found that NDE survivors can learn to adapt and develop their experience for greater spiritual learning through the Prayer of Silence.  One of the problems faced by those who have returned from Near Death Experiences is that it is difficult to integrate that experience into everyday life.  The Prayer of Silence provides guidance for that integrative process. 


            MacDonald’s life pivots on the insights he derived from the Near Death Experience of 1966.  In The Prayer of Silence he presents a way for ordinary people, who have not had a Near Death Experience, to benefit from the level of consciousness achieved in that state.  And for those who have had a NDE, he presents ways they can expand the spiritual insight of that experience.  MacDonald shares in the book how he used meditation to heal a broken back and serious brain damage from a severe case of viral encephalitis.  He shows how others can benefit from his experience to find their own physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

            Both The Thomas Book and The Prayer of Silence are essential reading for what MacDonald calls the the present “Age of Transition.”  They present a profound, new way of understanding the teachings of Jesus and recent scientific discoveries related to the brain, human consciousness and the creative and healing potential which are inherent in the human mind.